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KerbalEdu receives its first major update

Kerbal Space Program's developer Squad and TeacherGaming have released the first major update to KerbalEdu, adding a mission editor, force arrows display and a flight recorder.

Phill Cameron, Blogger

December 22, 2014

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Kerbal Space Program's developer Squad and TeacherGaming has released their first update to KerbalEdu, a teaching-focused version of the wildly popular indie game. Following their development of MinecraftEdu, TeacherGaming is focusing on the application of Kerbal Space Program in the fields of maths, physics, and other STEM fields. They are developing KerbalEdu in conjunction with Squad. "We always hear about how much our players have learned through playing the game," Miguel Peña, Kerbal Space Program producer, commented. "While we're proud of inspiring so many players who've learned through KSP, we've always been a game first. TeacherGaming takes KSP to the next level and makes education aspects as important as the gameplay, if not more so, in the best ways possible. They've modified things to where students can grasp onto some of the game's concepts in an easier more practical way." According to KerbalEdu's website, the update demonstrates the forces used in space flight, as well as allowing teachers to create missions and lesson plans, and then upload them for others to use. In addition, there will be an in-depth flight recorder that means "students can create data driven experiments and learn how changes in design or construction influence the performance of their spacecraft, or plot the data to discover the relationships of gravity, mass and acceleration." The price of KerbalEdu varies depending on what kind of educational institution you represent, with schools paying $17 for a single license, with 25 going for $330, which works out to $13 per license. As a testament to the robustness of Kerbal Space Program's systems, the folks at NASA have often said they play the space flight simulator.

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