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I Expect You To Die has pulled in $1M in revenue across 3 VR platforms

Schell Games’ escape-the-room virtual reality game has now brought in over $1 million in revenue since its first launch just eight months.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

August 30, 2017

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Schell Games’ escape-the-room virtual reality title I Expect You To Die has now brought in over $1 million in revenue, just eight months after its initial launch in December 2016. 

While I Expect You To Die got its start on Oculus Rift and, soon after, PlayStation VR, the $1 million milestone includes revenue gained from both its early platforms and its more recent HTC Vive launch.

“Our [I Expect You To Die] team worked incredibly hard to create an enjoyable and immersive escape-the-room experience for players,” reads a statement from Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell. “To reach this $1 million threshold is another indication that our hard work is appreciated.”

Schell himself has shared some insightful development advice throughout the creation of I Expect You To Die that is worth checking out as well, including comments on how to make the most of playtesting and how his team overcame common VR development hurdles

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