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Hitman 3 drives IO Interactive's "strongest year in history"

Agent 47’s final ride has boosted the finances of developer IO Interactive.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

October 11, 2021

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A screenshot from Hitman 3

Agent 47's final ride has boosted the finances of developer IO Interactive. According to the company's annual investor's report (obtained by analyst MauroNL), sales of Hitman 3, along with a revived interest in 2016's Hitman and 2018's Hitman 2, have rocketed the company's profits to record levels.

For those unfamiliar, that's not just because Hitman 3's success drove general interest in the prior two Hitman titles—it's because the third game explicitly builds connections that lets players transfer items and achievements between all three games.

That success meant that IO Interactive ended the financial year with DKK 270.67 million in profit (about $42.06 million). The company ended last year's financial year with only DKK 11.59 million in profit (about $1.8 million).

Hitman 3 also earned over 300 percent of the game's sales budget.

IO Interactive's next game, currently titled Project 007, will focus on a different international suit-wearing murderer who prefers the moniker of "spy" over "assassin," but the company's investor report also notes that the team is working on an "unannounced game" while also supporting more live content for Hitman 3.

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