Heardle, Spotify's Wordle-alike game, goes offline in May

The guessing game must not go on.

Spotify announced its music identification game Heardle will go silent. On May 5, the title will be taken offline by the popular streaming service. 

"Thanks for playing Heardle, but unfortunately we have to say goodbye," wrote Spotify. It further advised that players go to their personal stats page and screenshot those numbers prior to May 4. 

Heardle is exactly what its name implies, a game of "guess who?," but for music. Players have to figure out the name and artist of a song using only a short clip of audio, and have 6 guesses to get it right.

Spotify has purchased it in July 2022 for an undisclosed sum, and was one of many spinoffs that came after Wordle's popularity boom. Per TechCrunch, the shutdown of Heardle reportedly has to do with the streamer's desire to prioritize music discovery on its mothership app.

In March, Spotify revealed an incoming change to its app that could best be likened to Tiktok or Instagram. The change will involve more vertical scrolling that will (hopefully) introduce users to new artists more frequently. More discoverability also includes podcasts, which the platform has heavily invested in over the years.

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