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Football Manager 2020 director Miles Jacobson’s candid tweets about the game’s Epic Games Store promo offers devs a look at the PC storefront’s reach.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

September 21, 2020

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Football Manager 2020 director Miles Jacobson has shared a candid look at the game’s free week over on the Epic Games Store, chronicling the first few days of the promotion and the one million players it attracted in a matter of days.

In a series of tweets, Jacobson shares that the game surpassed 500,000 players and 120,000 concurrents in the first 24 hours of the free week promotion. Just yesterday, Jacobson added that Football Manager 2020 surpassed 1 million players on the Epic Games Store by day 3 of the sale.

“Wow - what a reaction to the [Epic Games Store] free week,” reads the first of those tweets. “We were told to expect big numbers, but am amazed with what we're seeing.”

It’s an interesting look at the reach a promotion like this can have over on the Epic Games Store, especially when considering Jacobson’s comparison to a similar promotion they previously ran on Steam. That promo, a two-week-long “free fortnight” deal on Steam, saw a fraction of what Football Manager 2020 has already seen mid-EGS promo, with Jacobson noting that “5 times as many people have redeemed the offer in 1 day compared to the free fortnight.”

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