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A press release confirmed that Brevik is working with Grinding Gear Games as an advisor for Path of Exile’s launch in China.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

October 20, 2016

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Rumors of David Brevik’s return to the Diablo franchise were officially quelled when a press release announced that he would be working with Grinding Gear Games on its action-RPG Path of Exile

Brevik was a major part of the development of both the original Diablo game and Diablo II. Though his official role with Grinding Gear Games is as an advisor for PoE's impending release in China, it is notable that the designer for two Diablo games is now working on a game so heavily inspired by the series. 

He subtly teased the new position in a tweet last week, which many fans mistakenly read to mean he’d be working on the currently unannounced fourth Diablo game.

“For 20 years, Diablo-like games have evolved & surprised us,” Brevik tweeted. “I'm proud to be the adviser for the game that pushes this genre to new heights."

Brevik has worked in game development for over 20 years and is best known as co-founder and former president of Blizzard North, as well as lead designer on Diablo. He has since worked at Flagship Studios, Turbine, Marvel Heroes dev Gazillion Entertainment, and Graybeard Games. 

Brevik has shared his experience designing Diablo at length in the past, including in his 2016 GDC talk on the creation of the original game.

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