Detroit: Become Human dev Quantic Dream will self-publish from here on out

Quantic Dream plans to work independently of external publishers moving forward, noting in a blog post that the studio is, after 23 years, "now in a position to self-publish".

Quantic Dream, the studio behind the likes of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, plans to work independently of external publishers moving forward, noting in a blog post that the studio now considers itself fully independent and, after 23 years, is “now in a position to self-publish”.

Previous publishing arrangements, mostly with Sony Interactive Entertainment, saw Quantic Dream launch many of its heavy hitters as PlayStation exclusives (that, in some cases, later arrived on PC as well), but studio leadership has recently spoken of a desire to have a presence on all major platforms.

In this latest post, Quantic Dream reaffirms those ambitions moving into the next console generation, and says that self-publishing puts the studio in a better position decide the direction of its games and tech.

“This new venture will allow us to make decisions in total independence, and to address the technological and strategic opportunities of next-generation platforms,” reads the post from co-CEOs David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière.

The duo notes that stepping into self-publishing also puts Quantic Dream in the position to invest in and support other developers, saying that the studio wants “to support creators of original projects and help them, in turn, to achieve their vision and offer quality, ground-breaking experiences.“

“This is more than an evolution — it is a transformation. We are doing this to preserve our freedom and our independence, to continue working on innovative and even more ambitious projects, to address greater challenges, and to create the unexpected. Quantic Dream will never be just another studio. We want to face new horizons, to keep our passion alive, and keep trusting in the idea of making games that are different.”

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