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Dark Souls user patch taken down by a DMCA issued by Bandai Namco

UPDATE Takedown was in error. Efforts being made to reinstate the patch.

December 23, 2014

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UPDATE: It seems DSFix was erroneously selected for a DMCA. The agency Bandai Namco hired made the claim in error, and according to this post they are in the process of clearing everything up.

Original story follows.

DSFix, the highly popular Dark Souls 1 user-made mod, has been taken off Dropbox after Bandai Namco issued a DMCA complaint

The mod was widely popular as it unlocked the framerate of Dark Souls, as well as providing higher resolutions than the game was released with. Its popularity has reached a point where it's almost a given that if you're playing Dark Souls on PC, you're going to be installing DSFix. 

The DMCA takedown was issued last night, effectively removing DSFix from being downloaded from Dropbox, which was the primary mode of download up until now. 

Of particular interest is that DSFix doesn't actually contain any content from Dark Souls, merely augmenting the program to enable a wider array of settings.

This comes soon after Dark Souls removed the requirement for Games for Windows Live, switching to Steamworks, and the announcement this year of Dark Souls 2 receiving a remastered version for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, along with PC. 

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