Updated: Opera buys GameMaker Studio maker YoYo Games for $10 million

Updated: Playtech has sold GameMaker Studio creator YoYo Games for $10 million to browser maker Opera Software.

Playtech has sold GameMaker Studio creator YoYo Games for $10 million to an unnamed buyer, six years after purchasing the company for $16.4 million

Update: Some sleuthing on the part of GameMaker users has turned up evidence of who the unnamed buyer is: Opera Software, the makers of Opera web browser.

The news was buried in a trading update, where Playtech explained the sale was part of its strategic focus on simplifying its business and disposing of "non-core assets." 

"Playtech has previously stated that it is a strategic focus of the Company to simplify its business and dispose of non-core assets," reads the update. "It is pleased to announce that it has now completed the sale of YoYo Games, part of the discontinued Casual and Social Gaming business, for a consideration of approximately USD 10 million."

Before purchasing YoYo Games in 2015, PlayTech was best known for its online gambling software, having supplied the software for a number of online casinos, poker rooms, sports betting games, and more. 

After picking up YoYo, the company said it wanted to "penetrate the casual gaming space" using a three-pronged strategy focused on in-house development, internal and external publishing, and game development technology. 

Since then, however, the company has rethought that strategy and has been looking to dispose of all of its casual and social gaming assets.

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