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Christopher Burns


Christopher is an eclectic mix of technologist and artist, director and computer scientist. With 20 years of high-level software architecture and consulting and project management for some of America's largest corporations, and over 30 years of ravenous computer and video game playing and analysis, he represents a unique asset to Mythos Productions. An educator in software development life-cycle and technology as well as in theater arts, filmmaking, writing, and directing, Christopher is also an inspired and talented writer, director, and sound-designer. He tends to make every project a multi-media experience by using light, sound, and other artistic elements in unique and highly-effective ways. Trained at the world-renowned American Conservatory Theatre, Writer's Boot Camp, and Musicians' Institute, as well as under the directorial mentoring of Mark Travis (Yale School of Drama, "Family Ties", "A Bronx Tale") and Asaad Kelada (Yale School of Drama, "Two and a Half Men", "Dharma and Greg"), Christopher has studied acting, movement, speech, and voice, as well as directing actors, camera blocking, and writing for stage and screen (from UCLA Screenwriting Department creator, Lew Hunter).

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