The Wayfarer: Greetings from the Composer!

Meet Mika Pilke, The Wayfarer's composer, and check out one of the awesome tracks he made for the game!


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A few months back I was looking for projects that would be in need of a composer. Jake did contact me via and asked if I’d be interested doing musics to his game and since I’ve always been a huge fan of fantasy RPGs decision wasn’t really that hard to make, even though there was quite a lot going on at that time (I was offered six game music projects at that time, I had quite recently started in a new job ect.). Style of the game and the musics just seemed right for my style.

Okay. Then who actually I am?

My name is Mika Pilke. A Finnish hobbyist musician who has been playing around with music for about 20 years now. I’ve been writing music for years, but just lately I’ve felt that my material and quality of the mix have archieved the level where it is possible to actually consider accepting composing projects. I don’t really know how many songs I’ve written totally, but total number is probably somewhere between 150-200. I have also played in several bands too (mostly as a lead guitarist and/or as a singer), but I guess I never truly found comfort in playing live which is a chaotic moment where your senses are dampened and you can barely hear anything, let alone the small details (which I do find important). I’ve always felt that making music all alone, at night, in a dark room is what I actually love the most. It’s intensity, 100% focus and the flow.


Nowadays (and at this level) the magic happens mostly by using virtual instruments. I use Reaper as a DAW, a midi-keyboard (Axiom61) and various VST/VSTi/VST3/VST3i instruments from various companies (like Native Instruments, Steinberg and Spitfire Audio).
But sometimes it also might add some extra punch to actually record something from the real world too, so I also have Shure Beta 58A, Rode NT1-A and Zoom H1 for recording sound. M-Audio Fast Track Pro serves mostly as an audio interface (and Behringer U-Phoria UM2 as for backup, or for recording sessions that are located elsewhere and you’re too lazy to unconnect M-Audio from the computer). In the end it’s quite a simple, but somewhat capable setup. And still somewhat cost effective too, even though software is not cheap.

What is the meaning of music?

Music and soundscapes are easily undervalued and even forgotten elements, yet they have (mostly passively) a strong impact to viewers/gamers emotions. I believe music is actually one of the key elements that will define the game’s identity and it has a strong purpose in creating memorable moments and atmospheres. I would even go as far to say that all the visual content is the body but music makes the very soul of the game.
When these two elements are combined, sometimes there is a change to create something truly unforgettable. And of course sometimes a good storyline helps too ect. 🙂
But after all, how many games that have become a legend, has a bad soundtrack (if there are any, that is)?

So there are quite a lot reasons to take music writing seriously. It’s a job that comes with a great responsibility and it’s a matter I wish to handle with a proper care and passion.

One of my creations for The Wayfarer:



Mika Pilke

PS. Check out Mika's YouTube channel!

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