Rabbits, Fallout, and drag queens: The week in GameDevTweets

Game developers are all over Twitter, sharing everything from tips on making games, observations on the latest news, and snarky jokes. This week: A grab-bag of funny to serious, and back.

Game developers are all over Twitter, as everyone realizes by now, sharing game development wisdom, observations about the industry, commenting on the latest news, and making snarky jokes.

Every week we see floods of interesting tweets scroll by, but they're soon lost. Despite Twitter's significance in today's internet landscape -- particularly for game developers -- it's a throw-away medium.

And that's a shame: So much of what goes on there gets to the core of the game development experience. These tweets are worth reading more than a few moments after they're posted.

This week, well, no clear theme emerged; every week can't be full of super cool GIFs, after all.

But that's just another way of saying that, this week, we offer you a lot of variety -- starting with a wry observation on the current state of VR game dev...

The symbiosis of the indie and triple-A worlds...

And how leaving huge triple-A behind can be a good thing for some devs, even those who made their names there:

And, of course, some office humor:

John Carmack, who's been working extensively on Oculus' mobile VR projects, considers the difference between mobile and high-end graphics:

Ben Cousins highlights the importance of tracking success stories:

Taken from an excellent Iwata Asks Q&A with the Splatoon dev team, this tweet also reminds us that games -- even ones that seem "just right" as they are, in their final release -- go through lots of evolution during development:

And a reminder that the grass is not always greener:

Let's remember: inspiration and important lessons can come from unexpected sources... like a matchmaking game starring a drag queen.

And just to finish up, a cute rabbit. Because it's Friday.

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