OSIRIS. Part 2. Next steps after Early Access. Evil Inventor

This is the second article about OSIRIS game, which is producing by Azat Khafizov Design. Short description of the current status and next planned steps are given.

Hi everyone!
This is Azat Khafizov, indie-developer of dark sci-fi horror/first person shooter OSIRIS.

In the previous article I introduced you my project: main idea, inspiration and goals.
Right now I am moving step by step forward to these goals.
Current progress of the project equals ~0.5-1% of the final goal. So there is a lot of work ahead. Planned duration of this work equals 1.5-2 years.

I will periodically upgrade my game with updates, which are planned to appear every 2-3 months.

These updates will include:

  • improvement of the locations and environments
  • adding and improvement of the characters
  • adding of new guns
  • adding of new story elements
  • adding of new Deep Dark Dubstep music (the music which inspired my on the idea and development of the project)
  • improvement of performance of the project

Planned duration of the game equals ~3 hours. It will be a mix of Action parts of various degree of tension, Horror part and different puzzles.

And I have something special for you.

The universe of the game will be authentic from the physics' point of view.
All devices like thermonuclear reactors, cryogenic cameras, engines of spaceships, teleport and others are developing with big help of the talented inventor and engineer Alex Burkan.
He helps me with principles and conception of devices. And these things really could work, if they were existed in reality! This affects a lot on the details and style of the project.
True sci-fi world that could existed.

(Spoiler: character of Alex Burkan will appear in the game as evil inventor)

Game is available on Steam via Early Access mode:

So, you can check the first version of the game and give me your honest feedback what can be improved during further development.

Have a nice day!


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