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One Life Left vs. Gamasutra GDC Podcast #4: Who in the world is 'Richard Lemarchand'?

Relive GDC 2015 through the magic of podcasting! Special guests include IGDA's Kate Edwards, Harmonix creative director Matt Boch, and an impromptu appearance by a man named Richard Lemarchand.

March 27, 2015

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Recorded live from the Moscone's North Hall in San Francisco at GDC 2015. Presented by Ste Curran, Cara Ellison and Gamasutra editor-in-chief Kris Graft, with very special guests:

Kate Edwards (IGDA)
Runa Haukland (Hamar Game Collective) 
Chris Gomez (Writer and Game Designer) 
Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners) 
Matt Boch (Harmonix) 
Robert Yang (NYU) 
Tom Vian (SFB Games) 
Tadhg Kelly (Independent Consultant) 
Richard Lemarchand (ALL OUR THOUGHTS, ALL THE TIME) 

That's it for One Life Left vs. Gamasutra 2015. See you next year! Or keep listening, because we do something (a bit) like this every week. Subscribe to One Life Left here: http://bit.ly/OLLtunes

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