Halo 3 Music Composer to Speak in Chicago

As part of a monthly workshop, Flashpoint Academy in Chicago has scheduled composer Mike Salvatori to speak to college and high school students February 15.
Mike Salvatori, the composer for Halo 3 is confirmed to speak Friday, Feb. 15 at Flashpoint Academy, a digital media arts college in Chicago. The appearance is part of Flashpoint's Industry Workshop series. Salvatori will discuss how he got involved in the video game industry and his experiences working on Halo 3. The speaker also plans to demonstrate how to compose a video game score with the use of dual monitors displaying both a ProTools edit window and gameplay footage. Officials from the school have scheduled Salvatori for two speaking engagements, both on Feb. 15: one at 9:30 a.m. for Flashpoint students and one at 1:30 p.m. for local high school and community college students and counselors. In addition to Halo 3,Salvatori's video game credits include Myth and Myth 2, and Stubbs The Zombie. And currently, he is writing music for the a game called Hail to the Chimp from Wideload Games, to be released in early 2008. The workshops are intended to highlight a specific area in the advancing digital media arts technology and entertainment world, and they allow both students and attendees the opportunity to meet and learn directly from artists and business leaders in various digital media arts fields.

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