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Supergiant Games' Darren Korb and Greg Kasavin will be discussing the development of Hades' dialogue at the all-digital GDC 2021!

April 13, 2021

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In Supergiant Games’ Hades the only certainty that comes with your underworld escape attempts is death. Good thing for you that with each fatality, you’re greeted by an abundance of excellent dialogue that propels the game’s story forward and takes a new spin on Greek Mythology.

And the best part? All of that dialogue is fully voiced. At GDC 2021, Supergiant Games’ Darren Korb and Greg Kasavin will be breaking down the development of Hades’ dialogue in an unique talk that merges the art of narrative design with the craft of audio engineering.

You’ll have a chance to learn not only how Kasavin’s massive script was optimized for audio production, but also how the game’s journey through the Early Access process helped shape the narrative and improve the final product.

If you want to check out their talk at GDC 2021, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to ask questions of Korb and Kasavin while their talk is in progress, and you’ll be able to watch the talk on demand after it first airs!

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the making of Hades, one of the smash-hit games of 2020. Register for GDC 2021 today to get the best price on this year’s show!

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