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Attend the standalone <a href=vrdconf.com/?_mc=blog_x_vdrc_le_tsnr_vrdc_x_x-nov>Virtual Reality Developers Conference</a> in November to see a VR audio expert share lessons learned from working on remarkable mixed-reality, full-body experiences for "The Void."

September 26, 2016

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Virtual reality experience design is an exciting, uncharted territory. How can developers use sound to really sell the illusion of reality (or hyper-reality) in VR experiences?

At the Virtual Reality Developers Conference this November, HUGESound audio director Chance Thomas will how you how in his talk on "Hearing Is Believing In The Void." 

Thomas is an expert, and his talk discusses a multiple-solution approach like the one utilized to deliver the debut VR experience for "The Void" (pictured), which blends real-world elements with VR to create a sort of "hyper-reality." In his talk Thomas will dig into hardware control, current-gen software algorithms, and pre-rendered assets will be discussed, including pros and cons.

All aspects of audio for your VR experience will be addressed: sound, VO and music. To round out the talk, Chance will offer suggestions for future innovation and improvement that you can potentially implement in your own projects.

So make sure to head over to the VRDC website now and register to attend the conference, which will feature a plethora of great VR/AR talks spanning games, entertainment, and beyond into subjects such as healthcare, journalism, travel, manufacturing, retail, live events, real estate, training, and so much more.

VRDC 2016 will take place November 2-3 at the Park Central Hotel in San Francisco. For more information on VRDC 2016, visit the show's official website and subscribe to regular updates via Twitter and Facebook.

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