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The MOBA genre has blossomed into forms both PC and mobile, and influenced the design of other genres -- and their business models. We want to know how and why.

Christian Nutt, Contributor

March 30, 2015

2 Min Read

From its genesis a as a (massively) popular PC mod to the enormous success of League of Legends, it's far past the time we can say that the MOBA genre has "come into its own." It's fully established and, like many established genres, has begun to influence other games around it -- whether with design ideas or the success of its business model.

What does the MOBA do that's unique, or interesting from a gameplay perspective -- and how? What does it take to design a great game in the genre? What have you learned from analyzing its best games? 

Have you had experience managing a MOBA community? Or do you create these games' beautiful art -- and would like to explain how? Or did you cook up some useful networking or pathfinding code, and need an excuse to share it?

What's the next frontier in the genre?

All of these and more could be topics for a blog post you write.

Have you worked on a MOBA game and learned valuable lessons about developing one? Have you analyzed the genre and taken away insight into how these games are made that the development community would do well to understand? Share that with your fellow Gamasutra readers in a blog post.

Here's some of the great MOBA-related content we've had recently. There's plenty of room for more.

You can submit your stories directly to Gamasutra's blog section. Not sure what to write? Need to brainstorm? Just email blog director Christian Nutt and he'll help you with any questions.

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