Attend XRDC to see how natural language processing takes VR to the next level

At XRDC in October you'll see how the team at Skydance have managed to deepen the already powerful immersion of VR with natural language processing!

Virtual reality has the power to make you feel immersed in another place, and at XRDC in San Francisco this October you'll have a chance to see how the team at Skydance have managed to deepen that immersion with natural language processing!

Specifically, Skydance Interactive chief Peter Akemann will be there to deliver a special Games track talk on "Voice Changes Everything: Bringing the Natural Language Processing Revolution to VR" in which he'll present the challenges and triumphs of making cloud-based voice interface a big interface feature in Skydance games.

This is a great opportunity for you to quickly gain a detailed understanding of the technical demands, the costs, and limitations of state-of-the-art natural language processing tech, and how it's best implemented in VR settings.  Plus, Akemann will share practical examples from Skydance's own work, as well as projections on where these technologies will lead in the future.

So register to attend XRDC now and claim access to a ton of great content at a lower price than you'll pay at the door! This year there's an all-new XRDC pass for sale, the Startup Pass, which is nearly half the price of the regular pass and specifically designed to give smaller teams and trailblazing startups a clear path to success at XRDC.

For more details about XRDC, which is produced by organizers of the Game Developers Conference, check out the official XRDC website. You can also subscribe to regular XRDC updates via emailTwitter and Facebook.

Gamasutra, XRDC, and GDC are sibling organizations under parent company Informa

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