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Game Developer magazine closing in July 2013

Gamasutra parent company UBM Tech is announcing that, as of July 2013, Game Developer magazine will stop printing its physical edition and transition to become a Gamasutra section - details within.

April 9, 2013

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After over 19 years of disseminating the best strategies around the art, science and business of video games, our hearts are heavy to announce that, as of July 2013, Game Developer magazine will stop printing its physical edition, and transition to become a section in Gamasutra. The final issue sent to print subscribers will be the June/July 2013 issue, and the Game Career Guide special issue, disseminated to events including PAX Prime and GDC, will be the final physical issue available. The magazine will also be ceasing distribution of digital issues, but will start to gradually transition its complete legacy content onto sister website Gamasutra's 'Game Developer on Gamasutra' section for free, where we also hope to continue publishing new Game Developer-centric content from some of our regular contributors. If you are currently a paid subscriber (either digital or physical) of the magazine, we will contact you over the next few days with options for either refunding or fulfilling the remainder of your subscription with an alternative product. We've made the decision to shift away from print as part of a wider strategy change in our parent company UBM Tech, which is simultaneously shifting other print publications either to digital only or to website-specific content, orienting them to help support our growing community-centric events such as Game Developers Conference. However, we will conduct Game Developer's major research (such as the Salary Survey) as part of Gamasutra's remit going forwards, as well as continuing to print historical and newly sourced game postmortems on Gamasutra. Finally, a special thank you to all of the EICs of the publication over its almost two decades - including, but absolutely not limited to Larry O'Brien, Mark DeLoura, Alex Dunne, Jennifer Olsen, Simon Carless, Jamil Moledina, Alex Handy, Brandon Sheffield, and Patrick Miller, and our hundreds of contributors over the years - especially stalwart columnists such as (but again, not limited to) , Mick West, Chris Hecker, Steve Theodore, Jesse Harlin, Jon Blow, Noah Falstein, Matthew Wasteland, and so many more. And thanks for reading - we'll miss you. If you have any immediate questions or issues, or would like to pass along your memories of Game Developer magazine to print in our last physical issue, please comment below or contact us via [email protected] - we really want to hear from you about what the magazine has meant to you. [UPDATE: Clarified headline: while the 'Game Developer on Gamasutra' section will continue with old and hopefully new content being posted on the website, there will be no 'digital magazine' produced after July.]

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