The Chaos Galaxy E-zine is now accepting submissions!

Now accepting submissions for issue #1. We're starting out as a monthly e-zine. How-ever if we get a large response from artists, gamers, ect., then we'll start doing it bi-weekly to cater to those that took the time submit material.

The Chaos Galaxy


1. The Chaos Galaxy Media


The Chaos Galaxy Magazine

We have started a Chaos Galaxy Electronic Magazine to promote online games, multi game groups, multi game guilds, artists and more. We encourage the creation of media from Players and Games that helps enhance and expand the game worlds on The Chaos Galaxy's Game List as well as the Chaos Galaxy Role play Forums itself. Game Owners have rules and guidelines about fan art and media using their materials, the artists should be aware of these guidelines and abide by them in their works.

The Chaos Galaxy Magazine will be accepting the following:




-art of various mediums




If anyone has any questions or comments then please mail us about them [email protected]

The Chaos Galaxy issue #1 is coming soon June 1st and will be found here:

Dealines for submissions is May 23rd 2009

Golden Rule of Media.

The Chaos Galaxy would like to encourage media as long as it doesn't infringe on another's copyrights, trademarks, intellectual properties, patents, etc. Permission should be given before any material that is not completely created by the author/artist is used in any way. This includes machinima, storyline, game art, etc. Some companies have publically given copyright notices to allow uses of their game materials under certain conditions and all these conditions should be honored. It is always best to ask them, never assume it is ok or "fair use".


How The Chaos Galaxy Works:


2. The Chaos Galaxy Players.

The Chaos Galaxy forums are made to encourage Forum Role Play (aka play by posts) between online games and players, utilizing multi game groups and multi game guilds though the collective links of new and existing online multiplayer games. We believe that this can help enhance the experience of gaming for such players, groups and games.

Multi game Groups and Multi Game Guilds are encouraged to fill out a template. These groups should have at least one member who visits the Chaos Galaxy forums on a regular basis. They should also try and have an account on at least one game on the Chaos Galaxy's Game List.

Game owners and dev teams may use these multi game groups to recruit for events in other online games on The Chaos Galaxy's Game List through the use of Forum Roleplay, Multi Game Quests and other forms of Multi Game Interaction. Players not affiliated with a group or guild are welcome to the Chaos Galaxy Merc Bar as well. These players are free to create their own template if they like or even form a group/guild of their own.

All we ask is that players and groups abide by the rules of the forum while in the forum, the rules of the online game while in the online game and anything agreed on inbetween. Basically the character is responsible for their own actions including abiding by the law and will agree to simular terms and conditions before joining.


3. The Chaos Galaxy Game List

The game owners who would like to list their Online Games on The Chaos Galaxy's Game List are encouraged to fill out a Chaos Galaxy Template. This lets players and groups know what to expect from the game world and how they can interact with it. Game owners are also encouraged to appoint a representative to the The Chaos Galaxy to encourage Multi Game Groups and players to interact with their game world. This can include recruiting players for their game, recruiting beta testers, promoting multi game quests in their world, in game events, role play and more. It is nessesary to recieve authorization from game owners/authorized representitive before adding an online game link to the Chaos Galaxy Game List.


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