Softimage Announces '08 Training Commitments

Softimage, which makes the 3D art software Softimage XSI, has announced details of its 2008 educational program, including a certification process for teachers who want to train students on XSI and a free one-year license to XSI for all graduates of schoo
Softimage, which makes the 3D art software Softimage XSI, has announced details of its newly expanded Education Program for 2008, which includes perks for students and official training for teachers. The goals of the program -- in line with the ultimate goal of creating more Softimage XSI users -- appear to be facilitating the teaching of Softimage XSI in 3D art classrooms, and getting students to adopt the tool as their primary package before they reach the professional job market. Consequently, Softimage is offering these students access to tutorials and other online training resources to help them put together their show reels, and they are given a personalized student gallery on the company’s web site where they can showcase their work online. Another one of the incentives is that all students who complete a degree or diploma from a Softimage Education Partner program will receive a free one-year commercial license of Softimage XSI Essentials, valued at $2,995 (MSRP). On the training side, Softimage has finalized an online process for certifying instructors to teach XSI. The plan, which launched at the end of last year but has not turned out its first set of instructors yet, is known as the Softimage Certified Instructor Program. It’s a streamlined process in which instructors learn the latest features and techniques of the XSI software. Certification is meant to assure students and teaching or training institutions that the instructors are current with the latest Softimage XSI technology and presentation skills to successfully train students. Additional information for educators is available at The company is slated to host an education summit at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, where company executives will present the 2008 Education Program to representatives of various schools and training institutions. See for more information.

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