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PopcornFX makes its products and services more accessible and open

Spons.: PopcornFX is opening all its plugins source code (O3DE, UE4, UE5, Unity) on Github and introduces a brand new Marketplace to offer High-Quality VFX content at a fair price.

Presented by Persistant Studios

For more than 10 years, PopcornFX was dedicated to deliver an efficient programmable realtime VFX tool targeting mainly AA to AAA Video game productions needs with its latest version : PopcornFX 2.0.

For GDC 2022, Persistant Studios is proud to announce that its products are now more accessible and open than ever! All plugins source code are now Open and available on Github.

In addition, and to empower Creators, we are launching a dedicated VFX marketplace embedded in our Editor and targeting every engine integration.

Game engine integrations: Free source code access

Previously, Game engine integrations (Unity, O3DE, UE4 and UE5) were free of charge for Indies (less than 1.5 M€ of revenue, or funds raised in the last 12 months) if used on Desktop and Mobile platforms.

Starting now, Game engine integrations source code become available to all and FREE on all supported platforms for everyone, no strings attached.

With this initiative, PopcornFX hopes and expects the PopcornFX community to extend integration plugins in ways that were not previously possible.

Enthusiasts can take a look at how PopcornFX is integrated, this is also an opportunity to assess risk by looking at our code base.

Game engine integration source code is available for everyone, can be freely used, changed, and shared at the condition to comply with the Community License

More details on the Community License here.

Note that studios can still opt-in for a Commercial license for custom needs.

Check out our repositories!

New editor pricing options

Talking with the community, we understood Indie studios need more cash flexibility and predictability than others: often, it's much nicer to pay once you have financial success rather than having to always carry around the financial burden of a subscription-based fee.

To answer this issue, we simplified our terms and now offer two new licensing options: Perpetual and Royalty based Editor Licenses (More details about our Pricing options here).


The new Marketplace will contain high quality PopcornFX VFX Packs, designed especially to cover all generics needs in various types of games. Our goal is to provide a growing list of common VFX so VFX Artists can focus on the most creative and complex assets of the game.

Our longer term goal is to make any kind of production work needing VFX easier by accessing quality VFX Assets Packs. This will take time but we aim to grow the asset packs libraries continuously.

These VFX Packs can be integrated in any engine supporting PopcornFX Runtime. These VFX Packs can be integrated into any engine supporting PopcornFX Runtime. Find out more on our marketplace page.


As a Production partner we are happy to share that we have been part of great projects.

Our team of FX/Tech Artists & Programmers is ready to integrate, support, improve or co-develop Game Production VFX pipelines.

Feel free to contact us about partnership & work for hire VFX projects.

GDC 2022

The GDC 2022 is around the corner and a perfect opportunity to present our 2.12 Release!

Come visit us at our booth to check it out: #P1743

Contact us for a private demo!

If you can’t attend GDC, stay tuned for our next livestream, you can join our community Discord here.

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