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Inspired by the sort of rotoscoped animations seen in the original Prince of Persia, one game dev has built a custom tool, Paint of Persia, that you can use to rotoscope your own pixel art animations.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

June 29, 2016

1 Min Read

Inspired by the sort of rotoscoped animations seen in Jordan Mechner's Prince of Persia, one game developer has built a custom tool, Paint of Persia, that developers can use to rotoscope their own pixel art animations.

It's a neat new tool designed explicitly for game developers, though Paint of Persia's simple premise (lay a customizable window with adjustable transparency, basic pixel art tools and an animation frame manager over your desktop) allows for a broad variety of uses.

Paint of Persia's developer, who lives in France and operates under the name Dunin, submitted it as part of a Toolbox Jam that calls on participants to make tools that people can use to make games. While the tool is still in alpha, Dunin has already used it to make games like Anthropomorphic Subject

The jam wraps up today, and the list of submissions is well worth browsing if you're at all interested in new tools for making games.

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