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NaturalMotion's Free Endorphin Learning Edition Reaches 200,000 Users

Animation tech company NaturalMotion says the free learning edition of its Endorphin 3D animation tool has reached 200,000 registered users, all of whom share their work as part of an online community.

Leigh Alexander, Contributor

November 23, 2009

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Animation tech company NaturalMotion says the free learning edition of its Endorphin tool has reached 200,000 registered users. According to the company, the Learning Edition community has written nearly half a million posts and generated "countless" scenes, environments, characters and props they created within Endorphin. Endorphin is a 3D animation tool based on what Natural Motion refers to as "Dynamic Motion Synthesis", which it says are more interactive than standard animation data, allowing animators to direct scenes in real-time. "For any online community to hit 200,000 members is a great achievement," says NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil, "but the dedication the Endorphin users have for learning, improving and perfecting their animation skills is even more impressive. Their constant enthusiasm is very inspiring." Visual effects studios like MPC, The Mill and Sony Imageworks use Endorphin, as do game studios like Sony, Namco and Konami. It's also employed by simulation companies including Airbus and Northrup Grumman.

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