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Get a job: Vicarious Visions is hiring a Lighting Artist

Vicarious Visions is looking for a Lighting Artist to join its Albany, New York-based team and light levels, characters, and in-game cinematics for the Destiny series.

April 18, 2017

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Lighting ArtistVicarious Visions

Location: Albany, New York

We’re looking for talented lighting artists to bring new parts of the Destiny universe out of darkness.  As Vicarious Visions creates new environments for gamers to inhabit within the Destiny universe, we need talented people to shed some light on the subject.  The ideal candidate appreciates the difference between day-break, high noon, and the magic hour.  If you love to bring a world together and make something that’s already gorgeous more beautiful, we have a challenge for you.

The main function of this position is to ensure that the Art Director’s vision for lighting and materials is realized.  To achieve this, you will work with proprietary tools built for you to light levels, characters, and in-game cinematics.  This role will rely on close collaboration with the graphics engineering team, as well as the tools team to help define and master the art content creation pipeline in regards to lighting.  Working in concert with the Art Director and Environment Leads and Artists will also ensure a consistent aesthetic quality regarding the lighting in our games. 

Your Guardian will be Responsible for:

• Create the lighting look for our games in accordance with the Bungie Style Guide
• Own lighting for game levels, dynamic/scripted lighting, character light rigs, and in-game cinematics
• Stay informed on new developments in rendering, particularly with regard to realistic lighting and surfaces
• Work closely with the tools and engine departments to prototype and test new lighting technology
• Provide feedback and direction to other production artists who are working on lighting-related tasks

The skills we’re looking for in order to level up your Guardian:

• AA/BFA preferred, or at least demonstrates through portfolio an industry standard level of art
• Experience with materials/shaders and their relationship to light
• Strong understanding of compositing processes and experience in post-processing techniques
• Excellent color sense
• Wide understanding of lighting/rendering technologies (pre-render and real-time rendering, sub surface scattering, HDR, refraction, etc.)
• Strong background in traditional art skills
• Must be well versed in Autodesk Maya/Max, Adobe Photoshop and a variety of rendering technologies
• Must possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills
• Must be able to work in a collaborative environment, taking direction from the Art Director/Leads as necessary

You’ll really get noticed with these upgrades to your Light Level:

• Experience with in-house game engines a plus
• Experience with Physically Based Rendering
• Appropriate teasing, and strong understanding of bathroom humor

In 2016, Vicarious Visions celebrated its 25th year in the industry. Over the years, we have made hundreds of games, in every genre, on every conceivable game platform in the known universe.   We are a studio that is built to last, and now we are embarking on a brand new chapter.

We are currently partnering with Bungie to further expand the award-winning Destiny universe.

Our philosophy of combining cutting-edge tech with creative innovation is evidenced in all of our products – from Skylanders to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 to our recent contributions to this year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.  We apply the same dedication to excellence to every video game franchise we’ve worked on over the years and we are bringing that same philosophy to the Destiny franchise.

We thrive on a culture of collaboration, respect, and fun. We have built a welcoming and relaxed workplace that invites creativity and encourages individual voices. We not only give our developers a safe and warm place to incubate and grow their ideas but the tools and support necessary to turn those ideas into impactful and memorable experiences.

Our studio is located in Albany, NY, a thriving northeastern city with an abundance of professional theatre, music, dance, and sports attractions, as well as a backyard full of recreational activities. (That’s a metaphorical backyard. The studio’s backyard has a patio and grill though…with seasonal awning.) And for those looking for more adventures, we’re located less than three hours from NYC, Boston, and 

Interested? Apply now.

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