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Get a job: Crystal Dynamics is hiring a senior Environment Artist

Handy with Maya and ZBrush? The folks who rebooted Tomb Raider seek an experienced environment artist to work alongside the Rise of the Tomb Raider team in its Redwood City, CA office.

April 6, 2015

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Senior Environment ArtistCrystal Dynamics

Location: Redwood City, CA

Crystal Dynamics, a part of the Square-Enix family, is constantly on the hunt for top-tier gaming talent worldwide. We pride ourselves on attracting and developing the best talent available to concept, create, and contribute to the most exciting projects in gaming today. 20+ years of history creating fun and exciting titles for the world to enjoy as well as our studio’s 1000+ years of combined game industry experience provides a rich tapestry of tested and new ideas to draw from as have established us as one of the best studios in the world to work for.

Join now to be part of our small but massively talented Environment Art team working on the latest in our award-winning Tomb Raider reboot in our Redwood City studio, Rise of the Tomb Raider, just south of San Francisco. Benefits for this full time position include competitive salary, health insurance options to suit all lifestyles, generous paid time-off, as well as other studio and corporate perks, such as a free gym and discounts on games and goodies.

* Please note that AAA game development experience will be required for this position and a portfolio will also be required. Portfolios should include samples of environment work of equivalent quality and style expected of our upcoming Rise of the Tomb Raider

Position Summary:

Crystal Dynamics is looking for a Mid to Senior level 3D Environment Artist who will have achieved an excellence in environment modeling, texturing and lighting. Come work with amazing Art Directors, Artists and Designers to create dynamic 3D environments for games at our unique studio. You will be pleasantly surprised to find our tool-sets extremely powerful and easy to use.

We're looking for highly collaborative, passionate and motivated candidates that will help launch our creative teams to new successes. The successful candidate will be able to concept and create under minimal supervision and may be expected to informally mentor or manage more Junior level talent, and may own one or more specific areas of the game. Generalists who have a both broad and deep set of 3D skills are preferred.
Essential Duties:

  • Work in tandem with the Designer, a joint creative and technical effort to build worlds from initial concept to complete, polished form.

  • Responsible for the look and artistic integrity of the games.

  • Employ cutting edge 3D graphics techniques including: Working with physics based spaces, high poly modeling (Maya and ZBrush) Baking normal and displacement maps from high-poly to game-res meshes, Shader manipulation, Modular construction and assembly techniques, Knowledge of baked and dynamic lighting models, Post Effects, etc.

  • With strong drawing, texturing, and lighting skills and an excellent sense of spatial relations and structural logic, will be responsible for creating visually stunning, atmospheric, effective and efficient 3D models of natural and architectural environments.

  • Conceptualize, present, and execute ideas within a schedule, while actively participating in technical and artistic problem solving.

  • Use custom toolsets and deliver assets within the confines of real-time engine constraints and programming demands.

  • Work independently and in tandem with Designers to complete assigned projects.  

Essential Requirements:

  • 7+ years' experience in the game development industry on AAA console titles with a similar realism style to the latest Tomb Raider reboot 

  • Strong spatial sense and an eye for good composition

  • Microsoft Word, Maya, ZBrush (preferred) and Photoshop experience

  • Architecture or traditional art background, cinematography experience is a plus

SPECIAL NOTE: ** A portfolio submission is required for this position. Please focus this portfolio on personal contributions to your projects. Please include a shot breakdown specifying what you were directly responsible for creating. Considered portfolios should include the following:
-10-15 best examples of your work (Maya renders in addition to in-game screen shots or video)
- 3-5 Mesh shots (that show efficiency & good work process)
- 3-5 Texture Sheets including diffuse, spec and normal maps (that shows correct use of maps, efficient use of UV space and artistic skill)
- Example of lighting 

Interested? Apply now.

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