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GDC 2012 organizers reveal 'Super Magnetic Game-O-Matic' video, highlights

GDC organizers have debuted the results of the "Super Magnetic Game-O-Matic" at GDC 2012, which featured eccentric and hilarious art from some of the game industry's top professionals.

March 28, 2012

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At this month's Game Developers Conference 2012 in San Francisco, video game artist group iam8bit teamed up with the show's organizers to host the irreverent and exciting "Super Magnetic Game-O-Matic," a creative event featuring top artists from throughout the industry. Throughout the conference, show attendees re-arranged giant word magnets to create some far-fetched game ideas, while professional artists rendered their own interpretations of the concepts they found interesting -- or just plain strange. Now that the event has come to a close, show organizers have showcased the results via an exclusively filmed YouTube highlights reel, including timelapse shots of the sketchers in action, as well as a hi-res Flickr gallery of the art created. The featured artists for the event specialized in all kinds of artistic disciplines, from UI design to concept art, and represented a wide range of companies from all over the game industry. The notable list of artists at the event included Blizzard Entertainment's Ben Thompson, Weta Workshop's Greg Broadmore, Double Fine artists Levi Ryken and Derek Brand, and much more. The subjects of their "Game-O-Matic" contributions might have been a bit more silly than their typical professional work, but their talent shone through all the same. From this exciting mix of artists came fantastic and quite often hilarious renderings of game pitches like "Extreme Nanny Adventure Karting," "Tyler Perry's 3D Dino Ninja Revolution," and "Meat Gravity Tale - 4D Space Edition," to name a few. Here are just a few of the artistic highlights from the 2012 Super Magnetic Game-O-Matic: meat-grav.jpg Artist: Greg Broadmore, Weta Workshop tyler-perry.jpg Artist: Levi Ryken, Double Fine Productions nanny.jpg Artist: Will Guy, independent crab.jpg Artist: Ben Thompson, Blizzard Entertainment pickles.jpg Artist: Kinman Chan, independent For more, including wallpaper-sized high resolution versions, check out the set on the official GDC Flickr. GDC 2012 might be over, but show organizers are already gearing up for next year's show, which will take place March 25 to March 29, 2013. To stay on top of all the latest announcements regarding this or any other upcoming GDC event, please visit the official GDC website or subscribe to updates via Twitter, Facebook, or RSS.

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