Fate of Atlantis Special Edition

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition in Development!

   A small Independent team, Went2Play is working on the remastered Special Edition version of the legendary Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis!
    It has been more than 22 years since the game was originally released and for many unknown reasons no one was able to re-create it since.

    Went2Play wants to bring this classic title to a new generation of player and for all the die hard fans out there, this demo is considered an unofficial project until approved by Disney / Lucasfilm.

    Patrik Spacek: "We are huge fans of the Indiana Jones franchise! There is nobody who can create a better looking remastered version of such a legendary adventure game than the true fans and of course with the support of the original creators and millions of fans around the world!
    We are not just a experienced senior video games developer, but we are also Indiana Jones collectors, historians and writers.
    Even if we are an amateur group with no official games released, you can see from our screenshots, videos and gameplay demos that it's not a problem for us at all."

    Went2Play updated version features high definition digital artwork, smooth realistic animation, high quality music, sound effects and voice overs. It also brings new features to the game, which has been discussed on their "fans" page (below).

There is not going to be public release of the demo, but you can watch the development on YouTube channel!

   Patrik says: "We have created blog and website with petition for all fans of this genre and calling out all the fans who wants to make this legendary game remastered and released by helping us to obtain a full game contract.

   The progress of the presenting demo is about 85%. We have started putting all stuff together on 20th Jan 2015 and all goes super fast.
   Patrik Spacek has started working on it in Nov 2013 and created all the artworks, animations and 3D models. Dale take care of the storytelling, dialogues and new ideas for Special Edition.
   We also have talented voice over actors and actress. We have remastered version of all music, and we create all sounds by our-self.

Creative Director, Project Lead
Patrik Spacek


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