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Canada Gets First Online 3D Game Art Course

The Centre for Distance Education, which offers online educational instruction, has received the stamp of approval from the Department of Education to offer a diploma in 3D art for video games. It will be the first online program for 3D art in Canada.

Jill Duffy, Blogger

May 29, 2008

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Canada is about to see its first online 3D game artist diploma program. The Centre for Distance Education has received the stamp of approval from the Department of Education to start the new program. In developing the new program, the Centre for Distance Education took its cue from the game industry itself, basing the curriculum on the requirements listed in actual employment ads for 3D art jobs from companies such as BioWare, Blizzard Entertainment, and the Walt Disney Company. “This is an excellent opportunity,” Lori MacMullin, president at the Centre, said in a press release. “The online nature of the program allows the students with real passion for games to spend the time necessary to get really good and make their portfolios shine … Our research showed that the demand [for this type of program] is definitely there but nobody’s really offering it online with the focus we’ve got. Our preview announcement pulled in a lot of interest and now that we’ve launched we expect this to be one of our most successful programs.” All students who enroll in the program will receive a copy of Unreal Tournament III, as the game also provides the tools they need to see their creations the inside a real game.

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