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Attend GDC for an inside look at the art design of Total War: Three Kingdoms

The latest _Total War_ game pushed developer Creative Assembly to completely reimagine the series' look and UI, and at GDC 2020 in Mach you'll have the opportunity to learn how the team pulled it off!

January 21, 2020

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The latest Total War game pushed developer Creative Assembly to completely reimagine how it displays data to players of this long-running strategy series, and at this year's Game Developers Conference you'll have the opportunity to learn how the team pulled it off!

GDC 2020 attendees with any interest in art direction, stylish presentation of strategic information, or Total War in general are invited to check out "Not Just Reinventing the Wheel: The Art of 'Total War: Three Kingdoms'"; presented by art director Pawel Wojs, this Visual Arts track talk (part of the GDC Art Direction Summit!) will attempt to break down the process of developing a distinctive visual style for the game, covering the challenges faced and insight into how they were dealt with.

Expect to learn more about how Total War: Three Kingdoms got its vibrant yet accessible look, as well as what the development team did to immerse themselves in the subject matter and work with outside experts to best represent another time and culture. Don't skip it!

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