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Report An Issue | Game Developer
Report An Issue | Game Developer

We've launched a new look and feel for Game Developer, and fixing any issues that appear as the dust settles.

Pardon any mess; it’s a big move and we’re still sorting through the last of the moving boxes. You may spot a blog hanging out in a section page, or a rogue HTML tag lurking around in a summary. Some articles may also have landed on the new site with some formatting errors, and we’re working hard to fix these as we discover them. Spot anything weird? Let us know.

  • While our URLs have changed just slightly, your bookmarks, reddit posts, and vintage forum links should redirect you right to the current home for any given article. 

  • A very very small subset of our older and less-frequently-read articles, mostly old news from the era of the N-Gage, may pop up with a 404 page or appear incorrectly. We’ll be returning and fixing up those classic news articles in the coming months.

We, as always, remain stubbornly committed to preserving the history of the game industry and the twists-and-turns that shape it. We want to stress that legacy Gamasutra content will continue to be available on Game Developer. It's very important to us that those resources remain accessible to the wider game development community.

If you encounter a problem on the website that isn't covered by the list below or if you would like more information on a specific article or issue, please contact support.

- - -

Misattributed Articles: During the process of migrating decades of Gamasutra content to Game Developer, some author information has been moved from the Byline to the body of the article. We are working to restore author pages for the impacted contributors, and identifying other issues with any potential misattribution as we do so.

Formatting Issues: There are a number of small issues surrounding article formatting on the new website that we are working to resolve, particularly when it comes to older articles. The team is working on these where possible to restore any impacted articles to their original glory.

While many issues have largely been resolved, please contact support if you encounter an article missing content.