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As our dev team works to migrate over two decades of content, you might notice longer articles that are cut off or spot some formatting issues throughout the website. We're working on such issues daily, and appreciate your patience as we continue to work toward restoring that content in full.

Despite early issues, we want to stress that legacy Gamasutra content will continue to be available on Game Developer. It's very important to us that those resources remain accessible to the wider game development community, and we regret that launch issues have interfered with developers' ability to fully reference decades of resources, insights, and stories published on the site.

We've included details on some current known issues below. If you encounter a problem on the website that isn't covered by the list below or if you would like more information on a specific article or issue, please contact support.

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Gamasutra Downtime: As of November 9, we're navigating some temporary downtime on legacy Gamasutra pages right now, meaning our blog submission tools, Gamasutra to Game Developer redirects, and other Gamasutra-hosted links are currently unavailable. We'll update this page once everything's back up and running.

Cut-off Content: Some larger articles were missing parts of their content at site launch, however all legacy Gamasutra content remains preserved and intact in our files. This is solely a migration issue and nothing has been lost for good. A fix has been applied to restore the cut-off content for long articles shared through our Blog system, and this content should now be restored.

A similar fix is currently being applied for articles originally published through Gamasutra's News and Features feeds. In the meantime, some longer articles may still appear to be missing their final paragraphs. While this issue is currently in the process of being fixed and should be resolved soon, you may still contact support to ask about specific articles if needed and we can manually fix articles or help to find a mirror of the affected content in the meantime.

Misattributed Articles: During the process of migrating decades of Gamasutra content to Game Developer, a migration error caused some contributed articles to be attributed to a staff member rather than their actual author. This was 100% unintentional and we are working to restore those missing bylines.

A global fix for misattributed articles is expected to roll out shortly after the above fix for cut-off content. We are now able to manually fix individual articles, so if you spot an article that was written by you or someone you know that is currently misattributed on the Game Developer website, please reach out via this form or via our support email and we will manually restore the correct author to each submitted article.

Loading Issues: We are aware of issues with Game Developer's load time, namely that the site sometimes sits on a white page for 5-15 seconds before loading the correct page. Our website team is currently exploring a fix. We are also working to resolve issues with our cache that sometimes prevent the latest version of an article from appearing on page load or refresh.

Formatting Issues: There are a number of small issues surrounding article formatting on the new website that we are working to resolve, including but not limited to images not scaling next to ad units, hyperlink formatting issues,  incorrect default alt text behavior on images, a lack of in-article heading support, and some content not using the full width of the page. The team is working on these where possible while also working to resolve the high priority issues listed above.

Accounts: While legacy Gamasutra accounts work on Game Developer, full account functionality is still in development for the Game Developer site itself. Currently, readers are able to edit their account details on the legacy Gamasutra platform, but those changes are not yet reflected on Game Developer. The ability to directly edit account details and add information to author pages on Game Developer will arrive in the near future, along with community tools to discuss articles and events.

Blogs: Game Developer will introduce a new and updated blogging interface that matches the look and feel of our new website with improved functionality for the developers in our blogging community. However, that new blog system is still in development and currently expected to launch in early 2022.

In the meantime, Game Developer's blogs are powered by the legacy Gamastura CMS, and details on using that can be found here. Generally, editor-selected "featured" blogs that go through the approval process and are marked published by an editor will appear on Game Developer within one business day of their Gamasutra publication.

Blogs (non-featured) will also appear on Game Developer, likely in November, once a site issue relating to that blog content has been fixed. In the meantime, those articles appear on the legacy Gamasutra feeds.

During this transitional period, Featured Blogs will be published both on Gamasutra and on Game Developer. The same will be true for non-featured Blogs once the above issue is resolved. Once the new Game Developer blogging tools launch, blogs will fully migrate to the new Game Developer platform.

Updated 11/09/21