The Free Game Development Tools Used Today

In today’s world, mobile game development ecosystem is growing at an unprecedented pace. Many developers are moving into the game development zone. With this trend, we find some mobile game development tools are arriving into the market.

Whether you work in a game studio or part of a mobile app development company, or are the one who designs and develops games for desktops; you can find something online to help them. The best part is that many of these mobile game development tools are available for free. The following list includes tools for effective mobile game development that you can access for free.

From game engines to debugging, audio and analytics tools, here is a list of tools and variety of different options to help build a budget game for the web and mobile and even desktops.

1.    GameMaker: Studio (Free)

  • The free version of GameMaker: Studio is a famous game engine
  • Developed by YoYo games, this is a powerful game engine for high-end quality gaming apps
  • It targets both entry-level game developers and experienced professionals
  • It supports all platforms – Windows, Mac, Android
  • It is exportable to all these major platforms
  •  Recently, the YoYo Games announced it would be free for all the licensed PlayStation developers
  • It has features such as built-in shader editing, user engagement and real-time analytics
  • It would provide extra features in the later versions

2.    Unity 4

  • Developed by Unity Technologies, this gaming is famous for its cross-platform support and easy-to-use tools
  • It develops 2Dand 3D games
  • It supports every platform- Android, Windows Phone,  BlackBerry, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Mac, iOS, PS3, PS4
  • It is available for free and most familiar tool in the game development
  • It is available with a paid version as well with provides extensible features
  • The free version of Unity for OS X and Windows includes publishing support for Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Windows Store, BlackBerry
  • It also provides desktop and web support
  • It comes with a 30-day trial of the full version, Unity Pro.
  • The engine is available for free for Xbox One and Wii U developers to boot

3.    Stencyl

  • Stencyl is a game making tool that browser support
  • Developers can create Flash games faster than with any other program out there
  • It allows developers to create games for free on the web in Flash
  • Though one can find ads for Stencyl branding before the start of the game
  • It provides a drag-and-drop interface
  • It features hundreds of ready-to-use blocks of code used to create new blocks or can be snapped into one place
  • It allows the game developers to test their tiles on target platforms- Android, iOS and desktop

4.    PlayCanvas

  • PlayCanvas is a cloud-based HTML5 games development platform
  • It is designed for the creation of 3D HTML5 titles.
  • The best feature about PlayCanvas is no download or installation is required
  • Many game developers prefer using PlayCanvas due to its cloud-based services
  • Game developers can collaborate in real-time using this tool.
  • And another best thing is app developers can develop commercial games for free
  • Free projects cannot be developed in private
  • It allows up to two collaborators to work on a project and uses disk space up to 200MB
  • It provides beautiful interactive experiences for every platform
  • It enables to create 3D HTML5 and WebGL games as well
  • It also allows coders and creative artists to create Rich Media Ads that run everywhere.

5.    Phaser

  • Phaser, a game development framework developed by Photon Storm
  • Phaser is a free open source game framework
  • It is used for the development of desktop and mobile HTML5 games
  • It requires JavaScript or TypeScript knowledge to work with this tool
  • It features a WebGL and Canvas renderer that automatically swaps between the tools based on browser support
  • It supports full collision, camera systems and separation control
  • It also supports graphics and animation

6.    GameSalad

  • GameSalad has its own Arcade service, allowing developers to publish their titles
  • Developers can use the free version of development platform GameSalad
  • It allows developers to publish their titles to platforms such as iOS, Mac  
  • However, these titles will include mandatory pre-launch and interstitial advertisements.
  • It uses the visual drag-and-drop interface
  • And GameSalad allows both inexperienced and veteran games developers to create titles with the feature
  • It allows its users to create prototypes without writing codes
  • Till date, more than 200,000 games have been developed using the GameSalad engine
  • It targets platforms such as Mac,  iOS and Windows

7.    FMOD

  • FMOD is a Firelight Technologies’ popular audio middleware
  • It has an inbuilt FMOD Studio tool suite with varied tools and features
  • It is available for free to developers with game budgets equivalent to or under $100,000
  • Previously, users of the software had to pay a good amount to use it
  • It supports multiple platforms
  • It consists of a plug-in SDK and Unity integration plug-in for creating sound generators and effects

As a mobile app development company or even a gaming titles company, the afore-mentioned seven gaming engines can be used for free for experimenting and create games with creativity but without spending money. Turn your innovative ideas into reality with these fantastic game engines. Get hold of a worthy mobile app development company or a game development partner to develop the latest games, and reap benefits of a wide reach.

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