Programming Games: Know How You Can Gain Knowledge While Playing It

Learn while playing: know which games you can leverage when it comes to enhancing your programming skills in lesser time. Also, find which game can help you to have enhanced your programming knowledge and can provide you with the best gaming experience.

Programming is no longer limited to professionals who are dealing in a technologically based industry or IT sector. According to a survey, more than 612,000 software engineers are measured in the U.S. alone, which means one out of each 200 workers is a software engineer.

This simple comparison holds the number of educators, practitioners, technicians, managers, and programmers. There are around 612,000 software engineers, 264,790 managers, and 457,320 programmers. This number is expected to jump high in the nearby future as more people these days are turning towards the IT sector.

Nowadays, a wide range of careers demands a high level of coding knowledge and people who pose huge opportunities to grasp in their field. Grasping coding knowledge has become mandatory from an employment perspective these days, this opens up huge opportunities for almost all the areas you want to cover, thus making sure that you learn to code. Learning can become much easier if it involves fun, and learning coding is not an exceptional one. Numerous games are available in the market, which might help you to learn while having fun as well.

Top Programming Games to Consider to Transfer Your Leaning into Fun

Programming can be more learned in the most effective and funny way if you know exactly what you actually need to do and where you need to pay attention to. And when it comes to learning code while playing, then the end number of programming games are available in the market worldwide, which might help you to achieve your learning target in no time. These engaging games will not only provide you with fun but will also help you to learn much faster than your imagination, you can grasp more with coding experience and continuous practice.

Online learning has created a huge buzz in the market these days. Numerous tutorials, courses, games, and much more are available in the market, which learners can utilize to improve their knowledge to a great extent. One of the most efficient and effective ways of learning is gaming. These games can prove to be the best ways to enhance your coding skills and programming knowledge. Explore the list of gaming platforms given below to know which gaming platform suits your needs and helps you to learn code faster and in a most effective way. 

1. CheckiO 

This programming is very beneficial for the learners and allows them to translate the language of the platform as per their convenience. CheckiO provides users community code reviews that ensure that they are performing in the most effective way. The user interface of this gaming platform is a little clunky for the players at some glance. Proved to be very beneficial for advance as well as beginners as it helps them to enhance their coding skills to a great extent.

Players can solve the problem at each level using advanced programming languages such as JavaScript and Python. To avail users with an easy and fast login and registration process, it allows social media login. Users can also use Facebook, Google, or any other account to develop the base from where they can defeat their enemies. Players can leverage this gaming platform on almost all browsers.

2. CodeCombat 

This programming game is an advanced HTML5 role-playing game (RPG) that helps the players to learn basic programming concepts. On the CodeCombat platform, players are allowed to experience great adventure while playing the game, they can increase the experience level with the increase in-game level.

Throughout the player's journey on the CodeCombat, they have to go through various challenges, which helps them to enhance their programming related knowledge to a great extent. Once the player overcomes all the challenges of a particular level then and then only they are allowed to move further, this can help them to improve their coding knowledge in a short duration of time.

CodeCombat has proved to be very beneficial for the young mind. In the report, it was found that more than 62% of users who make use of this gaming platform belong to a younger age (that is 18 years old). This platform efficiently supports coding languages such as Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, etc and it covers some of the most important topics such as threads, strings, variables, etc.

3. Robocode 

It is one of the most sophisticated gaming platforms for enhancing your coding knowledge. Users need to write advanced code, which helps the robot tank to be the winner in the fight. Robocode is an artificial intelligence-based gaming that supports multiple programming languages like Java, C#, and many more.

This gaming platform provides gamers with advanced development environments, Java compiler, built-in robot editor, and much more, which enhances their gaming experience to a great extent. Users can actually learn to write code for developing an instacart clone or any other advanced app solution using this programming platform. This gaming platform is regularly updated to provide uses with the best ever experience than ever before.

4. Codewars 

This is the most useful gaming platform which provides gamers with more than 20 coding language lessons, these languages simply include Python, Java, CSS, HTML, and many more. 

Codewars allow learners to leverage practical exercises, which helps them to develop their coding skills and knowledge in less time. Experienced programmers can also leverage the use of a wide library and can interact with other players to solve some of the programming issues which they are facing.

Users can leverage this programming game on almost all the browsers, this platform is proved to be very beneficial for individuals who want to develop their careers in the same sector. Codewars is for experts who have basic programming language. Subscribers get the opportunity to interact with other subscribers and can improve their programming knowledge and be the winner in their field.

5. Screeps 

This massively multiplayer online (MMO) game is the best choice for JavaScript lovers. The gaming platform works on the open-world gaming strategy, where any of the individuals need to control specific units termed as creeps. This will help them to develop their territories, mine resources, and much more. 

Screeps is a multiplayer online game that simply indicates that your opponent is always ready to defeat you, thus you need to control your creeps, which involves writing and solving JavaScript programs.

6. Vim Adventures  

It is a gaming-like tutorial that helps programmers to learn how to make use of Vim. Vim Adventures is one of the most powerful text editors which every programmer will love to use after learning how to use it. 

It provides learners with huge curves to learn Vim editor in the most effective manner, this is one of the major reasons which represents why this gaming like the platform is popular among the programmers. Keep in mind that Vim is not a programming language, but if you master it, then you can generate code much faster and in the most effective way.

7. Swift Playgrounds

It's an open-source platform for iPad developers, it helps developers to gear up their programming skills with Swift language. Swift Playgrounds is the best source to gather and enhance your basic programming skill, which helps in crafting an advanced iOS-based solution for various Apple devices. It provides players with numerous puzzles and many other challenges, which helps them to clear their programming fundamentals and result in improving skills and knowledge to a great extent.

Ending Note

Having programming knowledge can act as cheery on the ice cream, this can prove to be very beneficial for any individual who is aiming to enhance their programming skills and want to develop their unique identity in the market. 

Programmers or any of the individuals can consider a variety of gaming platforms to enhance their programming skills knowledge. There are numerous gaming platforms that can be explored to gain programming knowledge in a very short duration of time than any of the individuals have imagined before.

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