How to Get Game Industry Experince

Learn the right way to move in the Game Industry and how you can actually get a Real-time Game Industry Experience all by Yourself.

The Game industry is definitely a competitive field. So many people are looking to break into it and when they go to their favorite studio for job listing, so many of them require multiple years of experience before you even can be considered as the appropriate candidate for the job.

So how do we get around this? How do we start building our own experience? Well, it is actually quite simple than you though. It just takes some time and you are good to go. But the first thing I want you guys to do is to learn about every other discipline of the gaming industry.

 So for example, if you want to be a game developer then you should start learning about various programming languages and software. You don't have to be master in all these things, you just have to know how everyone works. So that you can actively part in the discussions of the team and create better games.

So the next thing I recommend you all to start doing is to go in the game jams. Game jams are events where people get around and make games usually around the theme. Sometimes these game jams last for two hours, sometimes 48 hours, it all depends on the schedule or the task.

It is fun to learn all those things about different games even if you are not that great. It could be a great networking experience and a whole lot of fun.

Now if you have never heard about the game jam before. I recommend you to explore the website name compo hub, it is an amazing website that lists tons of game jams currently going on at any given time around the world.

There also many online game jams event happen, where you can participate, the core objective is to learn about gaming with like-minded developers no matter where you are in the world.

The one game jam event I highly recommend to you all is "One game a month" where many gamers get along and develop a game with the team effort. So there is a whole lot of experience you can get from these game jams.

In the end, if you are serious about gaming, then you first you have to get a hand on experience on the game development by yourself. It can be any small project related to flash games just like the famous Dino game or Pacman. Again the games you develop doesn't have to be great or amazing. All that matters is you have to take a positive approach to success.

And once you have that experience then no one can stop you achieving the goal of becoming the game developer.

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