GAMEPREZ HTML5 GameDev Contest with $500 Cash Prizes!

Gameprez is excited to announce an HTML5 game development contest! The goal is to build your own game for the (beta) site. You retain ownership & control of your games; we provide channels and monetization tools! (Similar to YouTub


Gameprez Game Dev Contest


Gameprez is excited to announce an HTML5 game development contest!


The goal is to build your own game for the (beta) site. Our site provides channels and monetization tools, similar to YouTube - you retain ownership of and control of your games. To enter the contest, first see the official rules (PDF format).


Here's a quick summary of how to enter the contest:


  1. Create an HTML5 game involving the use of skill or knowledge to acquire points, such that higher scores provide an indication of a higher level of skill or knowledge
  2. Give it a name (maybe something epic, like The Legend of Super Dragon Racer: Ultimate Attack Edition, or something trendy like Bacon Zombie Cat)
  3. Submit your game to using either of these methods:
  1. Manually uploading .zip file submission(s) after requesting a signup and logging in as a Developer user
  2. Request a signup and login automatically via our REST API (beta) to create an account and submit games


Here’s the link to the full rules for the contest again, this contains more details on how to enter, who is eligible (spoiler: pretty much everyone is eligible), rules for submission, and other such matters of tremendously great significance and importance.


Contest submissions must be posted by 11:59pm on August 12th, 2014 (PDT) to be eligible for the contest.


Winners will be announced on September 12, 2014 between 9a-5p (PDT).


There will be three $500.00 prizes for the best game in each of the following categories:


  1. User experience and gameplay (extra points for challenging games)
  2. Mobile performance and cross-platform support (phone, tablet, desktop)
  3. Non-entertainment value (e.g. educational, research, gamification, etc.)


Additionally, outstanding submissions may be published on the Gameprez server and be eligible for future rewards!


The same game cannot win in more than one category, and the same developer cannot win multiple prizes; but, multiple game submissions are allowed. For example, if you submit 5 games, only one of them can win (hopefully your best one, if we know what we’re doing).


We’ll probably announce more prizes later, so stay tuned! The name of the game won’t be a factor, in case our lame attempt at humor above was confusing; it’s just there for reference.


Three open-source example games that we created for testing the site are available as part of our open-source HTML5 gamedev kit (alpha only), built using the D3js visualization library.


Feel free to fork/mod our test games if you like, or use any of the other great HTML5 gamedev kits that are out there.


If you have any suggestions or questions, you can email us: info “at” gameprez “dot” com


Happy coding,



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