Don Calaca

Return to programming after a while, I'll keep alive my inclusive one button project.

I know, I know, I was´t adding content lately, I´ve been resting from programming and art for quite long, so I decided to create something easy to program and fast making art.

I come back to my one button project.

Sometimes programming take a few hours and the graphics take several days, so I decided to use a more retro look for the games, using low res sprites, Also I´m going to use high contrast to help on visibility and simple sounds

The first game I´m adding to this tiny arcade is "Baseball"

In this case the graphics took me a couple of hours

The game has a resolution of 200 pixels x 150 pixels, is so small, so, in the console opens in full screen to make it comfortable

Is monochromatic and the characters are really small, they are 16 pixels high, the smallest game that I programed for this arcade is 32 x 32 pixels, but I´ll make it match with the arcade size of 200 x 150 pixels

In this arcade I can try the mechanics of the games, if they are fun, I can make more complex versions of each one, so, I´ll be adding more engines (little games) to this arcade

Play on c1ic


C1ic Tiny Arcade

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