Completion of VIDE

The VIDE animation editor is complete, and Fancy Fish Games already has already started our first game using it!

For those of you who haven't heard about VIDE, you can read about it on my personal blog here: . VIDE allows us at Fancy Fish Games to take images and vector art and animate them using bones, and is fairly feature-complete, including the ability to attach layers to bones (for example, attaching a sword to the bone of the hand, as seen below). The program is written in HAXE NME, and the VIDE Player has been tested on the following platforms:

PC (Windows XP and Windows 7)
Linux (Ubuntu)
Mac (Snow Leopard)
Android 2.2
iPhone and iPad (Only in the simulator, as I do not own either of these devices)

Here is a screenshot of the alpha version of the VIDE Editor:


In celebration of the completion of VIDE, and to learn how to use the program, Natalie (an artist at Fancy Fish) made a quick sword swing animation, which you can see here in the VIDE flash player: . This was only a quick test, which is why the hand is not grasping the sword, but this still shows the power of VIDE.

Natalie reports that the program is easy to use, and the results are quite nice. Being able to animate images makes it easy to create high quality animations. Our next game project, Shattered Worlds (working title), has begun early production in VIDE, so look forward to updates on that.

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