Cocos2d for iPhone 1 Game Development Cookbook Review

Great cookbook for Cocos2d game developers, and useful for general game development.

If you’ve had some experience with development in Objective C on the iphone, and want to learn how to develop games, this is a great cookbook. The book starts with an introduction to graphics, animated sprites, and OpenGL, but delves quickly into more advanced topics, such as writing and reading using different file formats, creating an isometric game ‘engine’, integrating box2d physics, and using the A* algorithm for pathfinding.
I’ve been creating games for a few years, and did learn some good tips and techniques in this book, but some of them I had already learned through trial and error on my own.

So if you have programming experience, and have started game development in the past, or created a small game, this book could save you lots of time, learning tools needed to create full games, versus figuring it out on your own over a long period of time. If you’re already an experienced game developer, and newer to using Objective C, this book might still be useful for seeing how to translate from development on other devices to on the iphone.

You can pickup the book here:

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