5 Technology Trends In Gaming Industry In 2018

When you hear about new technology trends, don’t you feel your heart jump and the butterflies doing flips in your stomach? Technologies are here to make our lives better. The gaming industry is taking full advantage of new technology trends.

When was the last time you visited the Disney World? You’d be amazed at what the new technologies are doing to the entertainment and gaming industry. But you don’t need to go far to enjoy the benefits. They are at your fingertips.

1. Become an Avatar

Even if you haven’t tested the Avatar attraction in Orlando, you can take advantage of this new technology right at home. If you have the right equipment of course. By using facial recognition technology, you can do a 3D scan to create your own copy inside a video game. Your facial features, mimicry, and expressions are transferred to the virtual world.

All you need is a high-quality 3D camera. I heard experts from computer support company Bedrock IT suggest that these cameras and VR headsets are bound to appear in many homes in the nearest future.

2. Throw Out The Keyboard (and the mouse too)

You’ve heard about voice-controlled stuff, right? You are probably shouting to your thermostat to turn off the heat or asking Alexa to play your favorite music. You probably know a few things about voice-controlled gaming as well.

Imagine being able to play a game solely by speaking. This is a revolutionary innovation and a fun one too. All you’ll have to do is give voice commands and control your game.

3. Skip To AR Technology

Of course, VR is so big, it’s hard to grasp that AR is becoming even bigger. VR games need too much stuff to create the right gaming environment. Meanwhile, AR can create an environment around your favorite couch (simply speaking of course). The borders between real and virtual worlds can be erased. This means that in 2018, AR is gaining momentum and not planning to give up its impressive grounds.

4. Clouds, Clouds Everywhere

New technologies don’t just affect the way we play games, they change the way we make them. Who hasn’t heard about clouds yet? The cloud computing is everywhere. So why not develop your games in the cloud? The impressive storage space options and safety features may move all mobile game developers to the clouds quite soon. The cloud capabilities don’t just simplify game development, they improve it.

5. Indies Are Coming

Did you know that indie games are conquering the world? I hope so. Hyped games are expensive, bug-filled, and…well… not always what we need. Meanwhile, indie games are cheaper and often more interesting. Indie game developers are taking advantage of the new technologies just as big-name game developers do. But the result can be more exciting and less restrictive.

Overall, we have a bright future ahead of use. Whether you are an amateur developer, an avid gamer or an experienced game designer, your life is about to become more interesting and exciting.


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