5 reasons why kids need to learn visual programming

This article is written by Crazy Dreamz, a sandbox platformer where people can learn visual coding on a platformer game. They can also share their world online and enjoy new experiences from other people.

Hi everyone!

I would like to build the setting with Emily, 14 years old. She likes to play Minecraft with her friends during summer, watch TV shows on her laptop and read Gem & Dixie, a youngster’s book you don’t really know much about. Why should kid learn visual programming instead of watching TV all day you ask me?



1 - It increases their knowledge of their everyday tools!

She uses smartphones and computers all day, but doesn’t know how it works.It looks like black magic to most of people. But to understand magic, you have to become a magician yourself.


A basic, simple example: why should she suffer an advertising featuring razor blades before watching her favorite anime on YouTube? She could install an ad blocker.



2 - They can build their own robot or program!

What about creating her own tools and not just buy and use the ones that people designed for her? She will get exactly what she wants, and maybe even share it with people. See about this advertising blocker? Maybe she could pimp up her navigator even more with Minecraft references. Pickaxes, pigs... Cubes. Every teenage game developer does that.



The more they learn about programming, the more they’ll understand about the own power they can master. It can start with a simple level in Crazy Dreamz, continue with a mod in Minecraft, finish with a whole indie game on the internet!


3 - Machines will take over the world!

And your kids better be ready for it. Tech leaders consider that in 20 years, most jobs that can be automated will be. Our future will be made of robots managed by human engineers. Robots will be everywhere on our social, industrial, commercial worlds.


This is not a world you or kids should fear. While an economical world is dying, a whole new one is rising. By the way, hacking a cyborg seems way more efficient than filling it with bullets. This isn’t 80’s anymore. Just saying.



4 - A programming history is beginning to emerge!

With the rise of retrogaming, grown up kids who reached their 40’s are now explaining how “back in the day, gaming was better. But at the time, every game was indie.


We’re at the beginning of the gaming industry and there are a thousand different ways to create games. When Emily starts to learn visual programming, she gets the ability to become a part of this great gaming history that we’re building everyday. She can build the game she dreams about and, game after game, give fun to people through her games.


That’s one of the reason why we make Crazy Dreamz, to empower people and allow them to build things themselves, with their own tools and ideas.



5 - It will bring them a new way to think about the world!

More than 3 billion people are using the Internet, and it won’t stop. The Internet is making a new dimension where distances are abolished, a shared place for humanity, just like Minecraft permitted to get people from all over the world to build worlds together. Programming will exercise Emily’s creativity as much as maths and linguistic logic, all in this whole new world, and eventually she will master it better than we will ever do.


“Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.”

-  Steve Jobs


We can sum up why kids need to learn visual programming in 4 words: understand, build, test and learn. It’s the essence of the Do It Yourself scene. Now, what if you become more than the player and start to build games?


It’s never been that easy to do it by yourself with Crazy Dreamz!

 - This article was originally written by Tavrox and Léonard Berthos, on our website Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition  - Crazy writers for Crazy Dreamz.


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