10 Reasons Why Playing Online Action And Sports Games is Good For You

Are online games good for you?�Basically, Yes. Unfortunately, many individuals have always assumed that online videos games were the cause of physical and mental problems. Let no one cheat you There is no scientific evidence to prove this Just continue.

10 Reasons Why Playing Online Action And Sports Games is Good For You

Are online actions and sport games good for my kids'? Do playing online video games affect my mental and physical health'? What are the benefits of playing online action and sports games'? 
These and many others are some of the questions about online games our readers have been asking since January of this year If you are one of them, just continue reading this article. We have given you the best answer you can get from experts. 

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Are online games good for you? 

Basically, Yes. Unfortunately, many individuals have always assumed that online videos games were the cause of physical and mental problems. Let no one cheat you There is no scientific evidence to prove this Just continue playing online action and sports games because there are many reasons they are good for you We have explained them in detail below. 

1. They Reduce Stress 

Several studies have proven that playing online video games, especially the action packed ones can help you reduce stress, anxiety, depression and make you feel better. For instance, one research study that was conducted by Professor Christopher Ferguson at Texas A&M found that the majority of individuals who plays violent online action games have better moods compared to those who don't. If you want to feel calmer after a hectic and tiresome day, just visit any site offering violent games and click on the play button. The game will help you release any negative thoughts and feelings through gameplay. 

2. Online games develop problem-solving skills 

For instance, when playing Run 3, there are several dangers, obstacles, and challenges along the way that you need to overcome. This is the third and the hardest game of the Run Series. In such games, you need to work extra hard throughout the gameplay to devise strategies not to get lost in space. You may find it hard the first time but as you continue to try it again and again, you will develop new strategies to navigate through. If you are able to finish any complex online game successfully, you will be able to develop skills for solving challenges you may be facing in your life. 

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3. Playing online games help you make good decisions faster 

If you have ever played a fast-paced online action or sports game, you probably understand what we are refereeing here. According to the new research, such games improve your decision-making skills and brain power. For instance, when playing Run 3 you are required to try your best not to fall or jump off the edge. If you don't make good decisions and fall into the edge, you will get lost in space. This is a simple game but one that requires quick reflexes. Games like these are like decision-making workout which you need to practice regularly. 


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4. Online game can teach you everything 
You think you know everything'? Wait until you play some of the latest online action or sports games. These games will teach you more than what you learned elsewhere. Their numerous rules, processes, strategies, unusual environment and objects can take you to the world you never thought of The more you put your brain to learn these rules, techniques, rules and process while attempting to master the gameplay with your friends, the more you will continue to master the game. 

5. Online games enhance your creativity 
Playing a variety of online video games regularly improves your creativity. We are not the ones who are saying this Several studies have proven that children who play video games of any kind boost their creativity by 50 percent. For example, a new study that was conducted by scholars at Michigan State University found that both boys and girls who spend several hours on their game consoles tend to be more creative. Such kids were more creative in tasks such as writing stories, drawing pictures and general computer operations. 

6. Online games help you become social 
Studies have shown that at least 70 percent of people who play video games of any kind are more social than those who spend their time somewhere on the internet. For example, when playing Run 3, you need to collect gold and coins and eventually by new upgrades to become more powerful than ever. You won't have this feeling if you are playing the game alone. This will force you to make new friends who you will compete with 

7. Improves your hand-eye coordination 
Do online video games really improve eye-hand coordination'? Basically yes. Most online games require one to have a significantly better eye-hand coordination to succeed in repetitive movements. According to the research that was conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto, gamers were found to have improved eye-hand coordination compared to nongamers. If you play such games regularly, you will use less brain and energy trying to coordinate between hand and eye movement. 

8. Improves your eyesight 
If you are troubled with poor vision, try to play online video games and see. A study that was conducted recently in the United Kingdom indicates that online action and sports games challenge your neural pathways. This helps you to distinguish more colors, especially shades of grey. You will have improved ability to drive better during dark nights. 

9. Playing online games makes you a happier person 
Whenever you have bad moods or don't feel like doing anything, visit any online gaming site and play any game there. The game will probably improve your overall moods better than when you would have shared with your close friends. Online videos games use what we call cognitive behavioral therapy to restrain your brain and chase away negative thoughts and feelings. According to the research that was conducted by New Zealand researchers, playing online fantasy games reduced depression and destroyed unhappy thoughts of teenagers by 50 %. 

10. They make you persevere 
There are no shortcuts when playing most online games. You are required to persist in playing them in spite of challenges, obstacles or difficulties you may encounter. They pose a very challenging and discouraging setup you don't really want to give up. These games help you become persevere until you beat the system. They will help you learn how to become perseverance even in real life endeavors. 

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