TinyWars Introductory Post

This is a brief introductory post for Gamasutra about our project, what is it, whose working on it, what have we done so far, where is it headed, and of course, what's so great about our game?

What is TinyWars?

TinyWars is the story of a kingdom that is literally tiny, we're talking about small people of course. Naturally, like the rest of normal sized humanity, war and conflict rages on. 

The story follows a girl named Mary (middle girl pictured above) as she crosses vast oceans (ponds) and great mountains (ant hills), in order to save the tiny kingdom from utter destruction. Along the way she meets all sorts of new friends and people, and becomes ever more powerful and mature as she continues her long journey (about 10 feet) towards the tiny kingdom. 

Who is Developing the Game? 

The TinyWars project will be programmed and developed by Bizurk Software. Bizurk had been primarily a web and app development service company, TinyWars wil be their first original IP that is specifically a video game project. 

Official Website: ;

Utilizing the knowledge and skills brought over from the web development industry, Bizurk hopes to create a more streamlined and modern looking video game to enhance the anime style game genre. Bizurk is also currently the primary funding partner for TinyWars. 

Why Tower Defense? 

Tower defense has been a tried and true genre for a very long time, some would argue it's not very "exciting" or "disruptive," but I would argue that that is actually the point. Tower defense games have a huge fan base, from various forums to facebook groups, TD is a genre that already has a great love and appreciation. 

We're not here to break boundaries or innovate some new, hot game mechanic. Though, at the sametime, building off a tried and true gameplay mechanic, we can do new and innovative things within the genre itself, and we have some fun things to show off when our demo releases. 

Creating A Full Experience

What I will tell you, is that I have not seen a tower defense game that didn't feel like a "minigame." What I mean by this, is that most tower defense games, that I have played, are very casual, minimal to no story, and really just designed to pass the time. 

We want to create a tower defense game that actually feels like a real, full fledged title. That's why we have put a great deal of emphasis on the story and the music. We want to create a game the fully swallows our player into a new, tiny world. We want to create an unforgettable game, and it really does start with the story and characters.  

Current Status of the Project

If I had to add a generic percentage to some of the aspects of the project it would probably look something like this: 

8% Complete - Programming/Game dev 

85% Complete - Story Arc and Script

12% Complete - Story Cutscenes and Actual Execution

50% Complete - Game Sondtrack 

100% Complete - Main Characters Designs

60% Complete - Side Character Designs

75% Complete - World / Level Planing

20% Complete - In-Game Animations

10% Complete - Social Media Campaign (Current Goal is 10K followers)

As you can see, there is still a long way to go on some of this, but some very important elements such as the story have been basically wrapped up and solidified. But some have said, who cares? The programming is nothing right now! 

Yes of course, programming is a huge part of the game dev, but it is not the source of importance or worth for this project. The ultimate sense of worth and motivation for this game comes from the story, not the game itself. TinyWars is more than just a single video game to us, it is a story, a series, a creative platform to execute many ideas to come! 

This is a test poster in the workds for the project. 

Final Notes

You can view the game's credits and all the people involed in this massive project here:

We are currently not seeking outside investment or funding at this time, but we're always open to any offers or idea. We will hear you out! But Bizurk Software has this project covered for the time being. 

You can follow the project and smaller updates, as well as participate in polling and other ideas on our social media!


Thank you for following the development of this project, we hope to maintain a blog on this website and continue to feed interesting ideas, updates, and stories to share with you all! 

Thanks! :) 


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