SUPERHOT: The game. Review.

SUPERHOT is a game which blends time freezing from Prince of Persia and Braid. It slickly combines this into a fast (pun?!) paced FPS which requires a lot of strategizing. We get to see the bullets flying through the levels, like Bullet time from Max Payne which feeling very Matrix-esque.

The best part is that you get to shoot a few people, decide your strategy to kill the next few enemies and then go ahead and kill them. The element of pausing in between a gun fight, to figure out what to do next, is what makes this game very very appealing.

You can check out a demo of the game here:

The game trailer is available below:


Game Review:

When you start the game, you get the text "TIME ONLY MOVES WHEN YOU MOVE" in big bold letters on your screen.

The game is pretty easy to pick up. You kill a few people and then you move on to the challenging levels.

Level 2: The Room

This room is the first challenge you face. You realize that pistols have very few bullets. And how you have to kill a number of people without getting hit even once, because you have only ONE life to live.


Level 3: The Hallway

This is a very interesting level. Its very simple in concept, Get the gun in the middle of the room and kill the 3 people. However, dodging the bullets is not that easy and you need to adopt a "Zig Zag Column approach" to finish this level. Easy? 'Nuff Said.


Level 4: The Courtyard

The penultimate level needs some figuring out. Once you get a gun, you realize the numbers on the screen are the number of enemies you still need to kill. You need to strategize as to who you kill, so that you can pickup their gun afterwards. One thing which is still not clear to me, is when you pickup a gun. As per my understanding, you cant pickup 2 or 3 at a time, only when you run out of bullets.


Level 5 : Bossfight

Not to put any spoilers out there, this will be the weirdest boss fight you will ever have :)



 All in all, this is a [email protected]$$ game and I hope the full version is available very very soon!

Leave me your thoughts and comments below!


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