Happy Malloc Year!

What is the importance of events? Is it good to look forward to events?

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Well, it's not new year yet but I would like to talk about "special dates". I think some people like events, they like to have anticipation to something. An event is sometimes an opportunity to change, to start fresh.
People think that after new year they will change, they will break an old habit, they will do something new. Or people think that on the weekend they will have fun, while on working days they just count the days until weekend.
This can be good, an event can be an opportunity to do something new. But isn't it better to just change or do something new the moment you want to? Instead of procrastinate to some event?
It is possible to get used to do new things, to learn new things, to change the moment you want to instead of waiting for some event to come.

It is also relevant to game development. Especially in terms of efficiency. You might procrastinate doing things because you need to finish some boring task first. But you end up delaying that boring task because it's boring.
I think what tempt us to look to events is that we like linear advancement. We like to think we always walk
straight and every step we make we get closer to our goal. This might be a good thing sometimes, but sometimes it also hold us back.

I am not entirely sure about this subject and what I wrote. I just had a thought of why we like events, why we have anticipation to these events and why we promise ourselves to change only at a certain event. What do you think?

Happy New Year.

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