Get a job: Genvid is hiring a Senior Producer

Genvid Technologies is looking to hire a Senior Producer.

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Senior Producer, Genvid Technologies

Location: California, Washinton or New York, USA

Genvid is pioneering Massive, Interactive Live Events (MILEs) as a huge new category of transmedia. We provide the unique technology and services that enable this new form of cloud-based, live broadcast entertainment to be built on any of the top game engines and run on all major streaming platforms.

We believe viewers love live events, love communal experiences, and love when their participation matters. We believe the Metaverse is coming, and we’re already helping build its foundation.

We exist to power the next generation of these experiences — across gaming, sports and TV.

Our rapidly expanding workforce is composed of veterans from the video game and broader technology industries, with offices around the world. The Genvid team is extremely diverse, forward thinking, creative, and collaborative. We solve thorny problems quickly, reinvent the rules when necessary, and take pride in blazing new trails with major partners in the tech, social media, film and television, and pop culture sectors.

Our Solution: 

Genvid Technologies is changing the face of the multi-billion-dollar livestreaming market through its proprietary technologies and related services, bringing real-time, interactive experiences to viewers of all kinds of broadcast content - even creating entirely new game-like experiences such as the recent Facebook Watch exclusive Rival Peak.

With successive investment rounds in place, our well-funded company continues to grow quickly: we expect to triple in size over the next few years. Genvid’s clients include the biggest game publishers in the world, as well as video game engine creators, game consoles, streaming platforms, indie developers, Hollywood studios and other major IP holders.

Be part of the revolution of interactive broadcasting!


Game Producer: 

Reporting to the CEO, in this role the Game Producer is to independently ensure the quality of production from the perspective of management. This includes ensuring that initial proposal planning goes accordingly, designing the milestones in tandem with the partner, and handling all general production oversight upon commencement including information and communication between the parties, acting as a conduit between Genvid’s internal stakeholders, relevant IP holders (should they exist) and the developing party, and ensuring that milestones are delivered on time and on budget.

The tasks and duties involved include, but are not limited to:

  • Help define, collect and organize requirements with new projects developed with multiple stakeholders, including external partners, business, development and operational teams.
  • Ensuring that the goals, scope and product/delivery domain are understood by everyone involved.
  • Coordinate with internal and external teams to ensure every goal has clear ownership, that dependencies and timelines are clearly defined and understood.
  • Follow up with each team and the project owner to ensure delivery is on time, in scope and approved by the project owner.
  • Track and manage with the project owner any change requests in scope and deliveries, including late or cancelled deliveries, and facilitate and provide guidance on how to resolve any conflicts in regards to those changes.

Experience & Education

  • 10+ years experience as a Senior Producer on a AAA Production
  • Knowledge and experience in the gaming, multimedia and/or web services industry 
  • Demonstrated success autonomously managing complex projects that require input from many stakeholders 
  • Demonstrated creative problem-solving capabilities
  • Shipped minimum two titles from conceptual phase
  • Online game experience
  • Demonstrated strong business acumen (Including professional experience and/or appropriate academic qualification) 
  • Experience in managing production in all its phases, from pre-production, to productions to live operations 
  • Strong work ethic with a positive attitude
  • Experience in Unity/Unreal or similar
  • Bachelor's degree 


  • Advanced communication, collaboration, organizational and time management skills
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment
  • Start-up experience 
  • Demonstrated success autonomously managing complex projects that require input from many stakeholders

Interested? Apply now.

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