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Watch What You Eat in Puzzle Platformer Nosher, Serving up Some Treats Now on Kickstarter

Independent developer Insamnohty is excited to announce their first title, Nosher, a 90s-inspired puzzle platformer where becoming your enemy is the only way to explore the morph-tastic world.
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Nosher just launched its Kickstarter campaign, which not only offers up some exclusive treats but also a chance to indulge in the tasty gameplay yourself. The playable demo will be available for the entire duration of the Kickstarter campaign on both Steam and

Play the demo now


Nosher sees you playing as Noshy, a lovable slime creature who likes nothing more than chowing down on bats, skeletons, and even spiders. Level design in Nosher is inspired by platforming classics like Spyro The Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, each stage offering a labyrinth of mysteries to find and complete.


Navigating the forests and graveyards of Nosher is no simple task. Each stage introduces a new enemy that’s looking to ruin Noshy’s day. Not only do these enemies block Noshy’s path, they also hold the power to let you explore and progress through the stages. Upon eating an enemy you’ll gain the ability to briefly gain their ‘power’. Eat a bat, fly across impossible-to-jump gaps; munch on a skeleton, wield their pickaxe power to smash rocks blocking your way; tuck into a spider and gain the ability to traverse walls and ceilings, shooting web to zip across to those hard to reach ledges.


Combining all these abilities to explore the environments of Nosher is vital to not only finish a level but also uncover all its hidden treats. The combination of the enemy powers also offers the opportunity for levels to be completed in almost any route. Nosher is not a linear puzzle platformer, more a sandbox puzzle platformer.

If taking a cute slime creature for a walk while enjoying a handful of berries isn’t enough for you, then you’ll be pleased to hear Nosher has a competitive side through an integrated high-score system. The system ranks a level completion from bronze to platinum. To achieve the higher ranks you’ll need to find all the berries, uncover all the secrets, not dawdle while taking in the graveyard views and try not to die to a venomous spider.


Nosher’s Kickstarter campaign is live now and will run until Monday 16th June. The playable demo will be available throughout the campaign. The developer, Insamnohty, regularly streams the developing process of Nosher on Twitch, working with the community to build Nosher the perfect treat-tastic playground to explore when the 1.0 launch comes around.


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