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Sharpen Your Sword for “Seven Wonders - Chapter 3.1: Espada”

​​​​​​​Grande Ganador: Boss Rush, New Jobs,   Returning Oxford Skills and More!
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Vancouver -- Sept 23rd, 2022 -- In its 5 years under Papaya Play’s stewardship, Uncharted Waters Online (UWO) has continued to adapt and improve, always with its global audience in mind. September 21st marks the release of the newest Chapter of UWO’s Seven Wonders saga - Chapter 3.1: Espada. This Chapter opens with a massive gathering of enemy forces making a bold attack on allied territories, and the most heroic of Captains are tasked with mounting a desperate defense. Along with harrowing combat of this new update, new Jobs have been added, and certain Skills will once again be taught at the Oxford College.


UWO is a historical sailing MMO set during the exciting Age of Discovery of the 15th to 17th Centuries, when the far corners of the globe remained unexplored. As Captain of your own ship, you are free to make your mark on the world and propel yourself to fame and fortune. Earn a living through trading, exploring, racing, or battling pirates (or through turning to piracy yourself). The latest refinements and additions to these diverse options will be revealed below.


The Espada (Spanish for “sword”) update brings a major addition to the Grande Ganador Missions, first introduced in Seven Wonders: Chapter 2.5. Already the ultimate challenge for Battle enthusiasts, even more heroic efforts and cohesive tactics will be required to overcome the new Grande Ganador: Boss Rush missions. 


In addition, two new Jobs will be available for all Captains to learn and use to their advantage, and certain useful skills, which had been thought lost to time, have returned to Oxford College! 


Grande Ganador: Boss Rush

The ranks of the Grande Ganadors have increased, thanks to an inrush of Pirates and Soldiers joining their campaign of conquest, and Captains are charged with pushing back the dread tide. This new Mission comes in the form of a “Boss Rush,” taking on the Grande Ganadors’ newly-recruited subordinates, whose power is now on par with the Grande Ganadors themselves. Only then can you take on the Grande Ganadors themselves. 


To help you overcome this threat to the seas, powered-up Flamethrowers and Autocannons will be available for crafting at the Command Center, if you can first obtain the required items from these Ganadors.


2 New Jobs

Galley Captains will have new Job prospects which excel at rowing. 


Viking: Aggressive tribes who hail from Northern Europe, they excel at Battle and Trade. Vikings are the only Adventure Job who have Rowing as a Favored Skill.


Capitano: Merchants who command Galley Trade Ship Fleets, carrying expensive and light-weight goods. The Capitano is the only Trade Job who possesses Rowing as an Expert Skill.


Returning Oxford Skills

A selection of Skill Lessons, thought forever lost, have been rediscovered, and will again be available at Oxford College. These include powerful Battle Skills, and some useful Trade and Adventure Skills, to boot!

- Increased Criticals

- Preemptive Strikes

- Tow Permit Refund

- Tow Permit Bonus

- Auto Navigation Range Increase I & II

- Local Specialties Combo Bonus I & II


Boost into Espada

Lastly, to commemorate the release of Chapter 3.1, update-related boosts will run until October 12th, and will help Captains new and old prepare for all the new content and challenges awaiting them in Espada. Check the links below for full details on everything this update has to offer!


For more information on the newest expansion and launch boosts: 

Seven Wonders - Chapter 3.1 Espada Poster

Seven Wonders - Chapter 3.1 Launch Boosts


Official Site and Download:

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Founded in 2016, Papaya Play is the unified web launch portal of Vertigo Games America, Inc. Through Papaya Play, Vertigo Games provides quality service for users of its currently supported titles, BlackShot, 9Dragons, 4Story, La Tale, War Rock, and Uncharted Waters Online. The Papaya Play team is composed of experienced publishers and talented individuals who strive daily to maintain a standard of excellence. Moving forward, Papaya Play will continue to expand and provide exceptional gaming experiences to the online marketplace and beyond.

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