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MicroProse Announces 5 New Games with 5 New Trailers

Five new games unveiled: Neyyah, Let Bions be Bygones, Bohemian Pulp, Gaterooze, Ink, Etherfield and Tiny Football.
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MicroProse is back at announcing new games that join its line-up. This time it's all about stories, atmosphere, exploration, but also intrigue and even sport!

All five games have new trailers. So, without further ado, let's delve into all of them.


Neyyah is a first-person point-and-click adventure game from solo developer, Aaron Gwynaire.

You are thrown into a strange secretive world called Neyyah. Use careful observation and logic to uncover the mysteries entwined within Neyyah's peculiar landscapes and bizarre cultures.

Neyyah is a first-person point-and-click adventure game, set within a collection of remote almost abandoned islands, separated by a series of complex portal machinery and laced with the fingerprints of two very intriguing cultures.

Upon waking up from a strange dream, you find yourself transported to a place called Olujay, where you meet Vamir, who sends you to Neyyah in the hope you will be safe there. For reasons you will discover upon your many explorations, Vamir needs you for a matter of great urgency.

A wrong must be righted. A civilization avenged. A secret revealed.

Defy Reality Entertainment

Aaron Gwynaire is the sole creator of Neyyah, working under Defy Reality Entertainment.
With a love for adventure games and story-telling, and a thirst to create worlds for others to explore, Aaron set to work on developing Neyyah in 2018, digging up the roots of his game design passion after years of working in the music industry.

Let Bions be Bygones

"Welcome to the planet Terrahive. A planet that never should have existed. Completely encrusted in a disease called humanity. Corporate arcologies and space elevators shadow the layers of polluted man-made edifices. Overseen by ancient brains on apparatuses and driven by greed, corruption, progress, and immortality." - John Cooper

Let Bions be Bygones is an atmospheric narrative future-noir thriller.

Having lost everything, a retired, hardboiled detective John Cooper, must take on one last case to finding a missing upper-class girl among the lowest parts of the dystopian city-planet, Terrahive.

A new take on the classic genre, Let Bions be Bygones, lets the players focus on the story, narrative, and detective work.  Players will be able to choose their own path and grow their characters through different playstyles.

All this and more, in a gritty world captivated by an original, unique soundtrack and a professional voice-over that will immerse the player in a thrilling tale with multiple endings.
  Bohemian Pulp

Bohemian Pulp was founded by Djordje Markovic as his passion project. He wanted to make a short point-and-click detective game that slowly evolved into a full-scale game with innovative twists on the genre.
Let Bions Be Bygones is the studio’s first and only game, but our goal is to continue making games with a philosophy around strong narratives and a great atmosphere.

Crossover: Roll for Initiative

CrossOver is a tabletop RPG strategy game.

Defend your tabletop RPG paper character sheet from invading pixel enemies! Find matches in your tray of dice to power attacks to clear the evil from your shelf full of campaign books. Hardcore match-3 RPG puzzle meets action-strategy tower defence.

CrossOver takes some classic concepts from traditionally “casual” genres (Match 3 and Tower Defence) and crosses them into a new and eccentric hardcore challenge with Strategy, RPG and Puzzle elements.
The main campaigns include RPG progression, dozens of spells and weapons to find, mercenaries to hire, and shops to buy armor and items. Random encounters appear between stages with Fighting Fantasy book style choices. Earn persistent gems to unlock more classes/races (15 of each in the game) or trade in for extra gold during any campaign.

Try your hand at the Solo and Co-Op Endless Modes to challenge the Online Leaderboards!
    Gaterooze, Ink

Gaterooze, Ink is a husband & wife creative team, half of which was the solo developer of the quirky, well-received Action-RPG game Ampersat that merged colorful voxels and ASCII characters.


DROP is a rogue-like hacking simulator set in a fragmented future.

You are a freelancer, trying to gain fame in DROP, an anonymous system for hackers. You break into digital enclaves and leave without a trace, but you find yourself in a conflict between various agencies that could change the world.

Enter a disconnected cyberpunk world – the unique visuals, exclusive soundtrack, and electronic soundscapes evoke the feel and the thrill of hacking in a potential future. Play an unfolding story campaign through unique missions.

Procedurally generated side quests offer unlimited playtime.

Explore the opportunities offered by the numerous factions with their own agendas and assignments.

Replayability – DROP offers a huge amount of viable tactics and potential builds.

Mini-games – prove yourself in the various extra challenges during missions.

Easy to use – simple controls with keyboard or controller.


Etherfield Games is a five-person independent game development studio located in Budapest, Hungary, established in 2019. Some of us are game industry veterans, working on titles like King Arthur, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, or Nadirim. 
Since childhood, we have played on our favorite platform, whether it was a console or a PC. We want to show our enthusiasm by creating high-quality, unique games with an immersive visual and musical atmosphere.

Tiny Football

Tackle, Pass and Shoot your way to the back of the net.

On the Couch or Online. Settle old scores!

Tiny Football is a throwback to old top-down retro soccer games of the 90s. Master the art of passing and shooting, tackles, crosses, throw balls, overhead kicks, free kicks, and more. Compete with 64 national and club teams in a variety of tournaments.
Rich gameplay and real challenge is achieved by sharing user control with AI assistance to produce passing and shooting based on individual player ability.

The randomness of passing and shooting, even when playing against AI, will still have an impact on player behavior and ‘fluke’ goals give added excitement.

Each squad member has their own skill levels and players can be pre-selected before a match and substituted during a match when they are tired.

In-match injuries will force substitutions. Sent off players and player suspensions will force players to shuffle team selection adding a managerial feel to tournaments.

Additional features include goal celebrations, player protests, extra time and penalties. Play with a friend (controller and keyboard) or the computer.

To our simulation fans -- don't worry we have not forgotten about you --
"A new era is coming"

MicroProse, founded in 1982,  is a world-famous simulation software company known for developing groundbreaking, classics and cult titles like, the Falcon, F15 Strike Eagle, Silent Service, Gunship, Grand Prix, Civilization, B-17 The Mighty Eighth, and X-COM series and many more simulation products that sold millions of copies each at retail.

Today, MicroProse is not only remaking select classics from its past but also paving the road to next-generation, state of the art games that will create the memories and experiences of the demanding new generations of gamers.

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