There's no longer a waiting list to buy a Steam Deck

Valve's now made the process of getting a Steam Deck easier than ever, and released its official docking station for the handheld.

As of today, Valve's Steam Deck handheld can be purchased without the need of a reservation. Previously, the system had to be preordered via a quarterly queue, which has been repeatedly shortened throughout the summer the system's production rate increased.

The lack of a reservation system is important, especially as the holiday season is approaching. With how often game consoles are given as gifts, and how holidays affect console sales, being able to buy a Steam Deck without worrying about your place in a digital queue is certainly a plus. 

"We're now manufacturing and shipping Steam Decks at our highest rate ever," wrote Valve. "Despite the ever-increasing reservation rate, we've been able to beat our shipping estimates, and as of today, finally complete the queue. We're excited to reach this important milestone, and will be shipping these out to you as fast as we can." 

However, Valve pointed out that if demand got to be too overwhelming, it would re-implement the reservation system until it fully caught up. 

Valve also announced that its official dock for the Steam Deck was up for purchase. Due to COVID and a shortage of parts, the docking station was delayed back in June, and later appeared at Tokyo Game Show in September. 

The $89 docking station comes with three USB-A 3.1 ports, a USB-C port for power, and ports for HDMI and ethernet. However, it's worth noting that if you buy one of the three types of Steam Decks on the website, an official dock won't come bundled with the system. 

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